Uneekor Swing Optix - Cameras and Software

Uneekor Swing Optix - Cameras and Software

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Golf Swing Analysis Package Improves Golfers' Swings

Designed specifically for the  Uneekor Eye MiniQED and EYE XO, and Eye XO2  launch monitors, the Swing Optix software and camera system captures down-the-line and face-on swing videos to optimize a golfer's swing. The 1440 x 1080 resolution camera system captures 180 FPS frame rate and allows you to analyze and breakdown your swings frame-by-frame with slow-motion playback and colored drawing tools. Included with the Swing Optix Cameras is Uneekor's patented swing-motion software license.

Swing Optix Analysis Package Includes:

  • (2) Premium high-speed motion capture cameras - 160 fps at 1080p with Interchangeable camera lenses (Telephoto and Fisheye)
  • (1) 6.5ft USB 3.0 cable and (2) 16.4ft USB 3.0 cables
  • (1) Swing-motion software license that unlocks a new level of swing motion analytics with complete spine-angle and full swing arc data
  • Swing Plane line view
  • Compatible with QED Ignite, EYE XO View, Refine, and Refine+ software

Camera Specifications:

  • Lens: 2.5mm
  • Aperture: 1.2
  • Resolution: Up to 1440 x 1080
  • Frame rate: Up to 160fps USB 3.0

Uneekor Swing Optix Tripods sold separately.

Uneekor Swing Optix Swing Views


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