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FlightScope Mevo Plus Launch Monitor

FlightScope Mevo Plus Launch Monitor

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The FlightScope Mevo+ is an affordable golf launch monitor Ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The monitor includes an upgraded kickstand to improve accuracy, a 3-hour battery life, and ownership of FlightScope E6 Connect Bundle with six simulated golf courses is included with the new iOS AND PC software.Full Description
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FlightScope Mevo Plus Launch Monitor

The FlightScope Mevo Plus was a Golf Digest 2021 Editor's choice winner, and the new FlightScope Mevo Plus is even better. An affordable and portable golf launch monitor, the new Mevo+ provides valued performance data for golfers, coaches, instructors, and fitters. 

What's included:

  • Mevo+ Launch Monitor
  • 20 Data parameters
  • (10) E6 Connect Simulated Golf Courses (iOS and PC)
  • FS Golf App, FS Skill App, FS PC Software
  • Upgraded kickstand
  • Battery life up to 3 hours
  • Game improving upgrade options: Pro Package and Face Impact Location software

FlightScope Fusion Tracking

A great golf ball tracker, the FlightScope Mevo uses its patented Fusion Tracking technology to deliver accurate and consistent golf data. The patent combines 3D Doppler radar tracking and image processing to improve 3D radar tracking. This patented phase-tracking technology is among the most advanced in the golf industry.

Fusion Tracking is the combination of tracking radar and image processing to improve already accurate club and golf ball tracking. Here's how it works:

1. An oscillator generates a microwave signal and radiates the signal from an antenna
2. The golf ball interferes with the signal and reflects some energy
3. The phased array antenna detects the reflected signal and compares the phase detection. 

Mevo+ Features

Golf Simulator Games: The FlightScope launch monitor is the perfect home golf simulator and is ideal for practicing and playing outdoor and indoor golf. It includes E6 Connect software and includes ten golf courses and 17 practice ranges with no additional licensing fees. Courses include Aviara, Stone Canyon, Wade Hampton, Sanctuary, Bay Hill, The Belfry, Oslo Golf Club, Panther Lake, Thanksgiving Point, and the Par3 ocean Course (Fantasy course). Additional golf courses can be purchased or subscribed to on mobile and PC at the Apple App store.

FS Skills App: Evaluate your golf game or that of students with FS Skills software. Like an NFL Combine, FS Skills tests a player's talent and ability in one of three Combines, from beginning-level golfers to the skill set of a top-level PGA Professionals. You can also use Skills to practice smarter through skill-level benchmarking against players worldwide. Last, you can customize your challenges by choosing target size, location, and point values for practice sessions.

FS Golf App for IOS and Android: FS Golf is a comprehensive and customizable App for iOS and Android phones, tablets, and watches that allows instructors, club fitters, and golfers to practice with radar data, video reviewing/editing, 3D trajectories, and more. Three features of FS Golf include Data Margins and Instant Feedback, Customizable Trajectory View, and Data/Video Combined. You can set minimum and maximum values for any data parameter so you can practice and train smarter and improve your game.  Plus, you can automatically record, clip, and store videos of every swing without interruption for easy review.

New FS Golf App Features for 2024:

Swing Trainer: The FS Golf app which allows a golfer to monitor golf swing speeds without having to hit a ball. This can be very valuable if used with training aids like the Stack system, Swing Speed Sticks, or just your normal golf clubs. This allows a Mevo user to practice swing speed in almost any environment without hitting a ball.

FlightScope Tracer: This allows users to take a video of their swing in the FS Golf app and get a ball flight trace with data overlaid on top of the video, just like on TV.

Environmental Optimizer for Mevo+ in the FS Golf app: Change your environment without changing your location. Plan and prepare for all weather conditions and landscapes by modifying your environment to understand how climate variables affect your shots. FlightScope Environmental Optimizer (EO) allows you to configure the impact of: Altitude, Humidly, Air Temperature, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, and Landing Height Pro Package required to use this tool.

Club Optimizer: The new FlightScope club optimizer allows every club to be optimized based on shot data as well as weather. It also allows you to optimize for different shot types like high, nominal and low. The user interface has an exceptional look and feel and provides a pleasant experience, even for the non-technical golfer. For teachers, fitters and golfers of any level, the FlightScope club optimizer provides a simple, yet effective tool to focus on those parameters that matter most to achieve specific trajectories for each club in the bag. Pro Package required to use this tool.

FS Golf App for PC: A customizable PC app that allows users to each, fit and practice with radar data, video capabilities, 3D trajectories, and more. View your average distances and standard deviation for every shot in a table. Users can select any two views and easily compare them side-by-side, simplifying the experience and making it more concise. You have the option to choose between viewing radar data along with your trajectory, facing impact with radar data, and a multitude of other choices.

FlightScope Multicam: An incredible teaching and instruction aid, Multicam automatically records and syncs videos from multiple cameras for instant review on your iOS device. You can use up to three cameras plus the Mevo+'s internal camera. The Mevo Plus video system offers the ultimate teaching and fitting experience. You can draw lines and circles and send videos directly to customers after your session.

Mevo+ Data Output: The description below explains the difference between the standard and the Pro software upgrade. With the Mevo+ Pro version, you gain access to more than 20 additional data points and Foresights D-Plane data, including swing path, angle of attack, dynamic loft, and face angle at impact. The D-Plane is the wedge-shaped plane between two three-dimensional directions: the clubhead direction and angle of attack and the club face loft and angle of attack. All these together create an image of the D-plane and explain why the ball curves the way it does and starts in the direction it does to help you fix and improve your swing.

Mevo Plus Basic Output Full Swing/Chipping: Ball Speed, Clubhead Speed, Smash Factor, Carry Distance, Launch Angle, Spin Rate, Apex Height, Flight Time, Angle of Attack, Spin Loft, Launch Direction, Spin Axis, Roll Distance, Total Distance, Lateral Landing, and Shot Dispersion. Putting Output: Launch Speed, Total Distance, and Ball Direction

Mevo Plus Pro Output Full Swing/Chipping (Add-On Software):

Unlock 20 additional parameters including short game and D-Plane data: Includes the above Mevo Plus Basic output plus Shot Type, Face to Path, Face to Target, Dynamic Loft, Club Path, Vertical Swing Plane, Horizontal Swing Plane, Low Point, Vertical Descent Angle, Curve, Club Speed Profile, and Club Acceleration Profile. 

Mevo+ Face Impact Location for Pro Package Add-on

Face Impact Location software add-on is now available for Mevo+ Pro Package users. This software allows golfers to view the precise impact location for every shot and work on producing consistent contact in the center of the club face. Face Impact Location adds two additional data points: lateral impact and vertical impact. This add-on resides in the FS Golf App and shows as a data point on the Trajectory screen. You can also select it as the only screen you see. Plus, you can use the entire D-Plane dataset with Face Impact Location to analyze every aspect of your swing and discover areas of improvement.

Heat Mapping Heat mapping provides a visual distribution of impact location for a specific club over the entire practice session. You can see exactly where on the club face you strike most often and focus on improvement. Shot grouping allows you to see your face impact location for every shot in that session. It gives a detailed picture of accuracy and consistency for every club in your bag.

You must have the Mevo+ Pro Package to use the Face Impact Location add-on software.