Foresight QuadMax Launch Monitor

Foresight QuadMax Launch Monitor

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The Foresight QuadMAX™ launch monitor and golf simulator is built on the same advanced four-camera photometric data capture technology as the GCQuad. It packs even more features into its design, including a touchscreen display, new on-device data parameters, and swing speed training.Full Description
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The Foresight QuadMAX™ launch monitor and golf simulator is built on the same advanced four-camera photometric data capture technology as the GCQuad. It packs even more features into its design, including a touchscreen display, new on-device data parameters, and swing speed training.

The QuadMAX enhances user-friendliness through the inclusion of a touch screen and an innovative software function known as MyTiles™. This software empowers golfers to personalize the displayed data on the screen according to their preferences and priorities. Additionally, it introduces a speed training mode that allows golfers to gauge and enhance swing speed using a golf club or speed training aid, without the need to hit an actual golf ball.


The launch monitor incorporates a newly designed ergonomic handle, making it more convenient to carry. While the utilization of magnesium internals has resulted in a 15% reduction in the overall weight, making the QuadMax lighter and easier to handle than the GCQuad. Additionally, the device now offers 15% more battery capacity, ensuring it can be used all day long without the need for recharging.

QuadMax Package Includes:

  • Clubhead Measurement
  • FSX Play Software
  • FSX2020 Software
  • 25 Golf Courses
  • FSX Pro Performance Software
  • Awesome Golf Lifetime Membership
  • Foresight Fairgrounds
  • QuadMax Carry Bag (Ships Separately)
  • Power Adapter & Cable
  • USB-C Cable
  • Alignment Stick
  • Club Markers
  • 2-Year Warranty

Foresight QuadMax Features:

Built on the same advanced four-camera photometric data capture system found in its predecessor, the GCQuad, the QuadMAX packs even more features into its compact, ruggedized form factor.

Touch Screen Display: Starting from the top, the QuadMAX contains a touchscreen display for easier usability, while a new software feature called MyTiles allows users to customize the on-screen data they wish to view and prioritize.
MyTiles Software: This application satisfies a wish-list request from top instructors and players seeking to focus on only certain launch variables during lessons and practice. Available for IOS and eventually Android.

Internal Memory/Storage: Another new feature allows shot and session data to be captured on the QuadMAX’s internal memory for later offload and analysis via the Foresight Sports app. This is especially useful for golfers avoiding distractions from phones and tablets during practice. The internal memory can store data for up to two billion shots, enough to keep a golfer hitting a ball every second non-stop for more than 60 years.

New Club and Ball Data: All the data points from the GCQuad are available in the QuadMAX, but players get even more game-changing data parameters including club closure rate, ball apex, descent angle and ball offline from target. QuadMax data that is also on the Quad: Ball Speed, Horizontal and Vertical Launch Angle, Spin, Side Spin, Carry Distance,  Clubbed Speed, Smash Factor, Angel of Attack, Club Path, Loft at Impact, Face Angle at Impact, and Impact location on the Club Face.

Swing Speed Measurement/Training: In addition to the new data points, golfers engaged in speed training will enjoy QuadMAX’s ability to measure swing speed from driver to putter and wedge without the need for a ball to be struck. This feature even functions with use of a speed training aid (affixed with reflective marker) rather than a golf club.

Improved Battery Life: QuadMax has a 15% larger battery that is also 15% lighter for a charge that can last 8-10 hours.

Quadrasopic Vision: With four advanced cameras, boasting exceptional speed and resolution, you can now achieve unparalleled image clarity in every single shot. The cutting-edge lenses on the monitor work together, capturing an impressive 10,000 frames per second simultaneously. Utilizing a revolutionary technique called Spherical Correlation™, the built-in computer examines and compares each image to the next, precisely tracking the rotational patterns of the golf ball's dimples throughout the entire image collection. Furthermore, all four lenses of the QuadMax are meticulously crafted and positioned to ensure optimal performance when capturing shots of both the ball and club, and each lens is equipped with its own LED light source for superior illumination.

FSX 2020 Software: Immerse yourself in the most realistic golf simulation with FSX 2020. This software boasts stunning 4K resolution courses, driving ranges, skill challenges, and cloud storage via Foresight Sports' online network to track your progress.

FSX Play: Experience a revolutionary leap in graphics with FSX Play. This cutting-edge software uses a completely revamped engine to deliver unparalleled realism. From lush 3D grass textures to meticulous lighting effects, FSX Play transports you directly onto the course with a sleek interface and smooth gameplay. Whether you're practicing on the driving range or conquering HD courses, every swing feels true to life.

FSX Pro: Take your game to the next level with FSX Pro, the ultimate performance analysis tool designed for serious golfers, coaches, and club fitters. This software offers a customizable dual-display mode, allowing you to tailor what information appears on screen for you and your client. Analyze every shot with intuitive 3D visuals, perform gap analysis with ease, and generate reports to share progress conveniently.

Foresight Sports Performance App: Get instant feedback on your swing! This app connects seamlessly to your GCQuad launch monitor via Bluetooth or WiFi, delivering all the data you need straight to your Apple or Android device.

Awesome Golf Lifetime Membership This gaming software lets you tee off on stunning virtual courses, perfect your swing on the driving range, or challenge friends for longest drive bragging rights - all on your iPad or PC! Enjoy endless fun, but be sure to check compatibility before you buy.

Fairgrounds Game Suite: This is a free collection of family-friendly mini-games for FSX2020 and FSX2018. It brings a golf twist to classic favorites like skee ball, bowling, and darts, offering fun for players of all skill levels.

NFC Compatible: Connecting your QuadMax to the Foresight App is now easier than ever with Near Field Communication (NFC). All you have to do is hold your phone next to the QuadMax screen to pair your device. This lets you access your data, customize your MyTiles, and more all from your phone.

Courses Included: Blue Bayou Golf and Fishing Club, Broken Tree Golf Course, Linfield National Golf Club, Teton Pines Golf Course, Willow Crest Golf Club, The Farms Golf Club, Beaver Hills Country Club, Tall Pines, Butterfield Country Club (Red/Blue), Kinsale Golf and Fitness Club, Awbrey Glen Golf Course (FSX Play Only), Barren Boulders Executive (FSX Play Only), Black Rock Golf Course (FSX Play Only), Detroit Country Club (FSX Play Only), Glen Flora Country Club (FSX Play Only), Greencastle Golf Club (FSX Play Only), Meadowbrook Country Club (FSX Play Only), Mill Creek Golf Club (FSX Play Only), Potter's Park Golf Course (FSX Play Only), Prairie Bluff Golf Club (FSX Play Only), Sunnyside, Golf & Country Club (FSX Play Only), The Bedens Brook Club (FSX Play Only), Twin Run Golf Course (FSX Play Only), Wellington National Golf Club (FSX Play Only), and Tropical Paradise Executive (FSX Play Only)

Golfer on range using Foresight QuadMax

Features Comparison: Foresight QuadMax vs. GCQuad 

Features QuadMax
Ball Data

   Launch Angle
  Side Angle
  Ball Speed
  Total Spin
  Side Spin/Spin Axis
  Ball Apex
  Ball Descent Angle
  Ball Offline
Club Data

  Club Head Speed
  Smash Factor
  Club Path
  Angle of Attack
  Face Angle
  Impact Location
  Closure Rate

Indoor/Outdoor Yes Yes
Speed Training
Touch Screen
My Tiles (Screen Customization)
Cameras 4 (Quadrascopic) 4 (Quadrascopic)
Backlight Auto-Engaged Manual
Hitting Zone 18" x 14" 18" x 14"
Putting Analysis
Barometric Sensor
Battery Interchangeable 12,000Ah Interchangeable 10,400 Ah
Battery Life 7-9 Hours 6-8Hours
Near Field communicationYesNo


Size12.5 H x 7" W x 4" D12.5" H x 7" W X 4" D

QuadMAX Specifications

Technology: Quadrascopic High-Speed Camera System

Dimensions: (H) 12.5” x (w) 7” x (d) 4”

Weight: 6.3lbs / 2.86kg

Battery: Removable Lithium-Ion Rechargeable

Data Interface: USB Type C / WiFi / Ethernet

Compatibility: Android, iOS

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