Replacement Front Trapeze Screen (Value Model)

Replacement Front Trapeze Screen (Value Model)

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This is a front replacement screen for our 2-pc screen system. It must be used with a rear screen and is not meant to be used individually as a solo golf simulator screen.

The top and side edges feature Hook Velcro on the backside and Loop Velcro in front. Our golf simulator screens are made from premium raw materials in our production facility located in Toledo, OH. The life of our screens will vary upon use and is considered a wearable item.

All screens are folded and shipped in a box. Some creasing may occur but may be removed with a steamer and/or light ironing set to no higher than Polyester.

To increase longevity of the screen, please ensure golf balls are clean, unmarked, and clear of any cuts/nicks.

***Please specify size of replacement screen. The two close-up photos of the screen feature the premium material.

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