Voice Caddie VSE Launch Monitor

Voice Caddie VSE Launch Monitor

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The Voice Caddie VSE is an indoor launch monitor that features a 32" HD touchscreen system for practice and play. With the VSE, golfers have easy access to launch monitor controls and they can see full-body swing video and 3D analysis simultaneously with ball flight data on the impact screen.Full Description
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Voice Caddie SVE Features A 32" HD Touch Screen For Ease of Use and Full Body Swing Video.

Your golf launch monitor for residential and commercial use, the Voice Caddie VSE, is an indoor launch monitor that delivers accurate and reliable data along with a 32" full HD touchscreen system for practice and play. With the VSE, golfers have access to launch monitor controls directly in front of them, and it provides full-body swing video and 3D analysis of the golfer's swing in two channels (Front & Side). Golfers simultaneously see ball flight and performance data on the impact screen and swing video on the VSE. 

The Voice Caddie VSE uses a dual, high-speed camera with the ‘Mach 401 Sensor’ to deliver accurate ball flight data in low light. The VSE is Korea’s first 32-inch HD LCD touchscreen launch monitor. 

What's Included

  1.  VSE Kiosk
  2.  Mach 401 Sensor
  3. Side Camera
  4.  Beam Projector
  5. Optional: Auto Tee-Up Machine +$1,500

Voice Caddie Technology Features

32-Inch Full HD Two-Way Touch Kiosk Screen - The screen offers easy operation, usability, and convenience since it sits directly in front of the golfer. And golf becomes more fun with V-Mirror Mode presents full body swing video and 3D analysis of the golfer's swing in two channels. (front & Side)

V-Motion Solution - 3D analysis, intuitive posture correction, and swing correction are possible through the drawing tool.

Dual Swing Camera - Equipped with the top-of-the-line camera with the highest specifications available for golf simulators, VSE provides motion recognition and slow motion functions.

Ultrafast camera Sensor - The Mach 401 sensor provides accurate information for each club/swing and offers real-time measurement after each swing. The 3D camera sensor provides precise information for each club/swing and measurement immediately after each swing.

Ball Tracking - the actual spin amount is measured with a dedicated marked ball and two high-speed camera sensors. Various trajectories and missed shots are accurately measured.

VSE App - Available for Android and Apple products

The App allows for easy automatic login through a QR code and can be checked anytime and anywhere. The app saves up to 5 swing videos a day and shot statistics, so that you can check your swing. Swing analysis/data and various statistics enable VSE to identify the shortcomings of golfers for customized drills.
Practice History - Track your practice status by checking the number of practices, scores, average distances by club, and swing videos saved.

Swing Analysis - Track the practice profile of each session's data and video.

Stats by Club - Five front and side videos are automatically saved per day to check your swing change. Data points collected include Total Carry, Apex, Dispersion, Longest Hit, Ball Speed, Club Speed, Smash Factor, Launch Angle, Direction, Back Spin, Side Spin, Swing Stats, 

Driving Range Cumulative Drills - Check each club's carry distance, ball speed, dispersion, and direction.

Analysis by Drill Mode - Club carry distance, fairways hit, direction, and more

Voice Caddie VSE Launch Monitor Specifications

VSE Kiosk
CPU: Intel Core i5 10th Gen
Graphics: Geforce GTX 1660 super
Monitor: 32 inches
OS: Windows 10 lot enterprise 64bit
Equipped with a high-efficiency power supply for stability
Unique LCD specifications
32-inch FHD (1920X1080)
Equipped with a high-performance camera
120fps low light specification
Size: 485mm (width) × 955mm (height)
VSE Side Camera
Equipped with FHD high-resolution camera
Size: 170mm (width) × 1000mm (height)
Top-of-the-Line High-Speed Camera Sensor
Measurement of actual spin amount through
3D camera sensor
Fast shot measurement in 0.1 seconds
Verification through comparison tests with the world's best
sensors (Trackman, GCQuad)
Size: 1080mm (width) × 180mm (height)