PuttView P7 Indoor Putting Green & Simulator

PuttView P7 Indoor Putting Green & Simulator

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The PuttView P7 provides an interactive putting learning environment and is the best indoor putting green and feedback technology on the market. It shows you how to putt and can transform any green into an interactive putting simulator. It allows players and coaches to create any putting scenario to see real results on the course. Full Description
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PuttView: An Interactive Putting Solution To Improve your Game!

The PuttView Home Series P7 uses leading augmented reality technologies to bring putting improvement to players of any ability. You can change your starting position and the hole you are putting too without restrictions other than the size of the green. No matter which breaks are built-in, you are going to be able to play left to right, right to left, double breaking, and straight putts. Explore the features, Ideal Line, Aiming Line,Set-up Line,Move Ball,Visual Cues,Swing Guide,Power, Control, Speed Animation, Speed Corridor, Contour Lines, Ball Tracking, Sketch Mode, Customization, and User Profile, Games.  

PuttView takes the boredom out of putting practice. The PuttView P7 Home Series provides enjoyable and interactive pre-defined drills that help make your putting process more intuitive. Offering more than practice scenarios, PuttView offers a wide range of single and multiplayer games including Splash and Putt Pong.  


The PuttView's modern design seamlessly fits into your home or apartment. At 60 ft² the unit is big enough to offer you all putting scenarios that matter most on a golf course and at the same time it is small enough to fit into almost any apartment. 

PuttView includes the following features that will improve your ability to read the green, line up your putt and identify the speed. Learn to visualize your putts better with PuttView.

Improve your green reading

Reading the putting green is a challenging task. PuttView P7 has three features that are designed to improve your green reading. 

Contour Lines

All slopes on the green are illustrated like a topographical map. The lines connect points of equal elevation and enable you to quickly identify the slopes of the green. The Contour Lines help you understand the impact of gravity on the ball and to help you read breaks better on the course.

Pick a line

Many roads lead to Rome, or in this case, the cup. There is more than one way to hole a putt. With different speeds, a putt will break differently and hence it becomes important to understand the interdependence between line and speed. The following features will help you identify the right line for you. 

Ideal Line

See where you have to aim and focus on starting the ball on your intended line. Depending on your speed preferences, the Ideal Line can be amended to match the speed that feels right for you. Once you were able to match the speed with your intended line, the impact of break will take care of the rest as your ball follows the Ideal Line into the hole. This feature is perfect for improving your ability to match line and speed! 


Get up to speed

Speed control is the most difficult skill set to acquire because it can not be seen. However, it has a severe impact on the outcome of your putt. Understanding how speed relates to your intended line and the impact it has on your putt is vital to holing out more often. PuttView gives you the unique opportunity to fully focus on your speed control. Figure out where your misses really came from and remove the guesswork from your practice. 

PuttView Games

PuttView offers multiple games. Putt Pong is a fun multiplayer game that helps a golfer develop better putting distance control. Put the ball in your opponent's cups and to win the game. Whether you are a beginning golfer or a professional golfer, Putt Pong guarantees a fun time for everyone. 



Details P7 P7+
Green Size 60 sq. ft. 60 sq. ft
Size Green Only 10' L x 6' W 10' L x 6' W
Size (Inc. Tower) 10' L x 8' W 10' L x 8' W
Weight 330lbs 330lbs
Min. Ceiling Height 7' 7'
Holes 3 real 1 projected hole 3 real, Unlimited Projected
Interface Touchscreen Tablet
Software Basic Features Advanced Feature
Installation Self-Assembly Self-Assembly



Also Available - The PuttView P8 Includes:

  • 90 square feet of contoured green
  • Ceiling height: 8'
  • Three real holes
  • Infinite projected holes
  • Putts up to 12 feet
  • Projector
  • Green
  • Tablet

The PuttView P10 Includes:

  • 140 square feet of contoured green
  • Ceiling height: 10'
  • Four real holes
  • Infinite projected holes
  • Putts up to 15 feet
  • Projector
  • Green
  • Tablet

The PuttView P12 Includes:

  • 220 square feet of contoured green
  • Ceiling height: 12'
  • Five real holes
  • Infinite projected holes
  • Putts up to 17 feet
  • Projector
  • Green
  • Tablet

The first year of a PuttView Home subscription is included with your purchase. Starting in year two, the subscription is $180/year or $1,495/year for P7+ professional. PuttView Home includes Ball Tracking, one player profile, software updates, hardware service and support. Prices subject to change.