Ace Indoor Golf Hitting Mat (4'x8')

Ace Indoor Golf Hitting Mat (4'x8')

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This 4' x 8' golf hitting mat offers a durable, low-maintenance surface and high-grade polypropylene yarns that eliminate the need for infill materials. Built to withstand heavy traffic, it is perfect for serious golfers and features a deep pile height for less impact on elbows and wrists. Full Description
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Cross Section of Ace Golf Stance Mat

Practice like a pro on a durable, low-maintenance surface.

This innovative system uses high-grade polypropylene yarns, eliminating the need for infill materials. It's built to withstand heavy traffic on tee lines and hitting mats, perfect for serious golfers.

Golf Stance Mat Key benefits:

  • 4' x 8' (47.5 x 95.5) golf hitting mat
  • Durable: Used by top U.S. golf courses, it can handle heavy use.
  • Deep Pile Height: Friendlier, less impact on elbows, wrists.
  • Versatile: Allows use of real tees and accommodates all clubs, from wedges to drivers.
  • Low-maintenance: No need for infill means easier cleaning and upkeep.
  • All-weather: Installs indoors or outdoors on concrete or compacted aggregate.
  • Custom sizes:  Call (855) 926-3283

Give your natural grass a break and elevate your practice game with this long-lasting alternative.