Sportsbox 3DGolf Studio Software

Sportsbox 3DGolf Studio Software

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Sportsbox Studio Software
Sportsbox 3D Studio is a significant leap in golf instruction by combining 2D video analysis and 3D motion data capture in a user-friendly software for instructors and golfers.Full Description
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Elevate Your Hitting Bay With Sportsbox Studio!

Add Sportsbox 3D Studio software suite to any golf simulator and take your facility or practice game to the next level:

  • Hands free captures with super fast loading instant replay
  • No motion blur - best in class high speed cameras
  • Indicator tiles that auto-populate when 3D data is ready
  • Keep swinging or select from the swing list to analyze 3D video or 3D analysis tools
  • Drawing tools
  • Compare 2 videos in both 2D and 3D
  • Free form rotate avatar – Examine every angle
  • Jump to key swing positions

There are four packages available: Studio Lite: 1 LC-C Camera; Studio Premium: 1 HE Camera; Studio Lite: 2 LE-C Cameras; and the Studio Premium: 2 HE Cameras.

Sportsbox LE-C Camera Key Features:

The Sportsbox LE-C is the ideal high-speed camera for desktop applications. It dramatically captures dynamic sports movement in stunning details and stands at the forefront of 3D motion capture technology.

Unparalleled Resolution and Speed

  • Resolution: The Sportsbox LE-C Camera captures 1440 x 1080 pixels.
  • Frame Rate: A staggering 249 frames per second at full resolution catches every moment and the finest details. 
  • Interface: USB 3.0 for seamless data transfer and maximum frame rate performance

Cutting Edge Features:

  • Global Shutter: Provides a crips, clear image of fast-moving subjects and eliminates motion blur and distortion.
  • Low-Light Performance: Outstanding dynamic range ensures superior performance even in difficult lighting conditions.
  • 3D Motion Capture: Advanced technology enables precise 3D motion analysis with just one camera. For optimal down-the-line and face-on angles, we recommend using at least two cameras.
  • Versatile Control Options: Take charge of exposure and ISO! Enjoy complete control over your shots with both manual and digital settings.

The Sportsbox LE-C camera is perfect for evaluating an athletes swing or creating high-quality instruction content. The camera delivers the precision and image resolution you need. Purchase a single camera for extraordinary 3D motion capture abilities or upgrade your studio with supplementary cameras for full-angle coverage.

Transform your studio with the Sportsbox LE-C Camera – where high-speed performance meets cutting-edge 3D technology.

Sportsbox HE Camera Key Features:

Introducing the Sportsbox HE Camera, the pinnacle of high-speed cameras for Sportsbox Studio. Engineered for the most demanding motion capture scenarios, the HE Camera delivers unmatched performance, precision, and clarity, making it the premier choice for professionals seeking top-tier 3D motion analysis.

Superior Resolution and Speed

  • Resolution: 1600 x 1100 pixels
  • Frame Rate: The Sportsbox HE camera catches every detail in a swing with an impressive 180 frames per second resolution.
  • Megapixels: Features an impressive 12 megapixels for ultra HD image.
  • Interface: USB 3.0 for efficient data transfer and optimal frame rate performance

Exceptional Features

  • Global Shutter: The camera's shutter provides minimal motion blur and distortion, surpassing even the LE-C camera, for stunning sharp images of fast-moving subjects.
  • Low-Light Performance: Ensuring bright and clear video capture in any environment, the HE offers industry-leading performance in low-light conditions with enhanced dynamic range.
  • 3D Motion Capture: Leading-edge 3D motion analysis technology allows precise capture with just one camera, with the option to add more for full coverage from multiple views.
  • Advanced Control Options: Control full manual and digital exposure including ISO settings for extremely flexibility and precision in every shot.

The Sportsbox HE Camera redefines the benchmark for high-speed cameras, delivering unparalleled brightness and detail in its video capture capabilities. Ideal for advanced golf analysis or creating high-end golf content, the HE Camera offers unparalleled performance and quality. Elevate your studio with cutting-edge technology and capture every moment with stunning clarity.

For the most comprehensive 3D motion capture, we recommend using at least two cameras to achieve the best down-the-line and face-on angles, ensuring you never miss a single detail from any perspective.


Studio Lite 1 LE Camera Bundle. 

(1) LE-C Camera

(1) 3m USB 3.0 cable

(1) GPOD Studio Tripod

(2) years of Sportsbox Studio Subscription

(1) Personalized onboarding session + (1) swing analysis.

Studio Premium 1 HE Camera Bundle.

(1) HE Camera

(1) 3m USB 3.0 cable

(1) GPOD Studio Tripods

(2) year of Sportsbox Studio Subscription

(1) Personalized onboarding session + (1) swing analysis.

Studio Lite - 2 LE-C Camera Bundle.

(2) LE-C Cameras 

(1) 3m USB 3.0 cable

(1) 10m USB 3.0 cable

(2) GPOD Studio Tripods

(2) years of Sportsbox Studio Subscription

(1) Personalized onboarding session and one Swing analysis.

Studio Premium - 2 HE Cameras Bundle

(2) HE Cameras

(1) 3m USB 3.0 cable

(1) 10m cable

(2) GPOD Studio Tripods

(2) year of Sportsbox Studio Subscription

(1) Personalized onboarding session + (1) swing analysis.