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Uneekor Eye XO2 Launch Monitor

Uneekor Eye XO2 Launch Monitor

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Uneekor Eye XO2 View w/Performance Optix
The Uneekor Eye XO2 All-In features three high-speed cameras to track ball and club data. It includes the Performance Optix Package with Swing Optix, Balance Optix, and the Uneekor Trouble Mat Strip. It is everything you need to take your golf game to the next levelFull Description
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Uneekor EyeXO2 Launch Monitor

The Uneekor EYE XO2 is a practice-and-play launch monitor with three high-speed cameras that monitor ball and club data and deliver the most accurate data on the market. This high-tech golf simulator offers a hitting zone on the mat that is twice the size of the original EYE XO, and offers a more seamless transition between left and right-handed golfers.

The Uneekor Eye XO2 All-In package includes the Performance Optix Package with Swing Optix, Balance Optix, and the Uneekor Trouble Mat Strip. It is everything you need to take your golf game to the next level in one affordable package. It includes a three month trial of the Champion Package with purchase that is required for AI Trainer and future software features.

EYE XO2 Golf Simulator Review

Ace Indoor Golf is product to offer the Uneekor Eye XO2 for sale! Want to break through a plateau in your golf game? The XO2 and the Performance Optix bundle offers a comprehensive solution including Swing Optix® Camera's and the Balance Optix® mat. Swing Optix cameras capture your swing with incredible detail, revealing any technical flaws. The Balance Optix mat analyzes your weight distribution and posture, helping you achieve optimal balance. By combining these insights, you'll gain a complete understanding of your swing mechanics, paving the way for dramatic improvement.

It includes flawless connectivity to 3rd party golf software GS Pro, TGC 2019, E6 Connect, and more. Plus, the XO2 offers some of the most comprehensive club and ball data available compliments, of the three high-speed infrared cameras that capture data with the ball of your choice. The accuracy and affordability of Uneekor launch monitors are helping the company quickly become one of the top players in the launch monitor industry!

Uneekor Eye XO2 Package Includes

  • EYE XO2 Launch Monitor
  • Performance Optix
  • Free Trouble Mat insert
  • Mounting Bracket with Level
  • View Software
  • Calibration Board
  • 11ft Power Cable, Adapter, and Connector
  • USB Ethernet Adapter w/ CAT6 Ethernet LAN Cable
  • (400) EYE XO2 Club Stickers
  • (10) M4 32mm Screws and (10) M6 15mm Screws
  • (4) M6 15mm High Screws and (4) Low Screws

Uneekor EYE XO2 Features Include:

Infrared Cameras: Three high-speed infrared cameras capture your swing motion in 180 fps at 1440x1080 resolution allowing you to train with any ball of your choice.

Hitting Area: A larger hitting area (28" wide x 21" deep) than the EYE XO

Ball Optix: Understanding the golf ball spin rate is critical to improving your golf game and striking shots that hit your target. Ball Optix displays crucial ball data in real-time on every shot.

Ball Data: Includes ball speed, side & back spin, side angle, launch angle, angle of descent, landing angle, flight time, distance to apex, carry, run, and total distance.

Uneekor Eye XO2 Residential Golf Simulator Room

Club Optix: Make the most of your practice. Uneekor Club Optix can teach you to consistently hit the ball on the sweet spot. Club face data includes launch, spin, spin axis, distance, and club fitting. Club OPTIX software allows you to see where you strike the ball on the face and gives a visual example of adjustments necessary to improve consistency.

Club Data*: Includes club speed, dynamic loft, angle of attack, smash factor, club path, club face angle, club face to path, club lie angle, club loft angle, impact point vertical, and impact point horizontal (*EYE XO 2 club stickers required)

Performance Optix: The Uneekor Eye XO2 All-In package includes the Performance Optix  biomechanical golf training system that combines their Swing Optix add-on camera system with the Balance Optix mat. When paired with an Uneekor launch monitor's ball and club tracking data, the Balance Optix mat highlights how your weight transfers throughout your swing to identify and correct any inefficiencies. The balance mat allows you to build your swing from the ground up by giving you the tools to analyze your swing’s weight shift with unmatched precision. Nothing left to buy. You're equipped with all the training tools necessary to take your golf game to the next level.

Swing Optix: Capture frame-by-frame video footage and analyze every detail of your swing. Draw lines to compare your swing positions and visually see crucial elements of your swing. Swing Optix takes the guesswork out of your practice or teaching sessions. It helps users improve faster and lower their scores.

Balance Optix: Utilizing over 1,100 sensors for real-time weight shift analysis, Balance Optix allows you to fine-tune your swing for maximum efficiency. It provides a full-color heat map that shows precise weight distribution bars and allows the user to see subtle shifts in weight during the golfer's swing. Balance Optix requires Swing Optix.

AI Trainer (Coming Soon):  Using Performance Optix, Uneekor's AI Swing Trainer utilizes Swing Optix cameras to break your full swing into eight still frames: Address, Take Away, Back Swing, Top, Down Swing, Impact, Follow Through, and Finish. It then uses AI technology to give you an overall swing score out of 100 and provides action points in your swing to work on and improve. AI Trainer  gives you actual detail on the eight swing positions and gives you specific solutions to address the problems.

Free Trouble Mat Insert (Included with purchase): Use and install the complimentary Trouble Mat insert into your mat and simulate rough and bunkers. 

Optional Protective Case: Protect your investment with Ace Indoor Golf's 100% polycarbonate Uneekor Eye XO2 shield.

Uneekor View Software Features:

View is the base software used by the Uneekor EYE XO2,  which provides ball and club data along with shot visualizations from various angles projected onto your screen.

  • Access to Peak driving range
  • Unlimited sessions to practice all clubs in the bag
  • Shot and flight path tracers to analyze your shots from every angle
  • Tracking of all club and ball data for each shot
  • Club Data: Club Speed (measured), Smash Factor, Face to Path, Club Path, Face Angle, Dynamic Loft*, Angle of Attack*, Club Lie Angle*, Impact Point Vertical*, and Impact Point Horizontal*. * Not included with View, club stickers required.
  • Ball Data: Ball Speed, Side Spin, Back Spin, Total Spin, Side Angle, Side Total, Launch Angle, Angle of Descent, Flight Time (modeled and calculated), Spin Axis, Distance to Apex  (modeled and calculated), Apex, and Ball Flight Type. Carry, Run, and Total Distance (modeled and calculated),   

Software Subscription Options

Features Player Pkg Included Pro Pkg $199/Yr Champion Pkg
Ball Data Points O O O
Club Data Points O O O
View (PC Version) O O O
Profiles 1 5 50
Sessions Per Profile 15 100 500
Power U Report - 500 1000
Refine+ - - O
3rd Party Connector - O O

Subscription option available online through a Uneekor account or via the launch monitor and Uneekor Launcher.

Add-On Course Play Software

Refine: Uneekor Refine software add-on for  QED, Eye XO, Eye XO2, and Eye Mini launch monitors. This practice and golf course play simulation software includes a realistic golf practice center, five fundamental training modes and five 18-hole golf courses. With Refine, you can work practice your tee shots, wedge play, and approach shots or play 18-holes with friends. Refine software allows you to practice and improve your game on and off the course.

Refine+: Uneekor Refine+ is a software add-on for Uneekor QED and Eye XO launch monitors that provides practice and golf course simulation gameplay. It includes a comprehensive, realistic golf practice center and features five fundamental training modes and twenty 18-hole courses.

Third Party Golf Software: The EYE XO2 is compatible with other gaming softwares including GSPro, TGC 2019, GameDay, and E6 Connect.


Dimensions without Bracket: 36.3" L x 2.5" H x 5.9" W

Minimum PC Specifications

* PC Sold Separately

** AMD: 3rd gen Ryzen or higher and AMD Ryzen 3600X or higher (AMD 2700 is not compatible)

*** Not compatible with MacOS

Intel i5 8400

8 GB RAM (16 GB RAM for Swing Optix)

GeForce GTX 1060**

Windows 10 (64-bit) Version 1803 or higher***

Integrated ethernet port required

Warranty: One year warranty