SkyTrak+ Medalist Golf Simulator Package

SkyTrak+ Medalist Golf Simulator Package

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Monitor Enclosure
This home golf simulator package has everything you need to play indoor golf. The package includes a SkyiTrak+ launch monitor and a medalist enclosure. Optional package add-ons include projector/ceiling mount, Fiberbuilt 4' x 4' performance series hitting mat, and a gaming computer.Full Description
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SkyTrak+ Medalist Golf Simulator Package

This home golf simulator package has everything you need to play indoor golf.  The package includes a SkyTrak+ launch monitor and a Medalist enclosure. Optional package add-ons include projector/ceiling mount, Fiberbuilt 4' x 4' performance series hitting mat, and a gaming computer.

The package includes

  • SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor
  • Ace Medalist Enclosure
  • Projector (Add-on)
  • Fiberbuilt 4' x 4' Performance Series Hitting Mat (Add-on)
  • Level 3 Gaming Computer with Play & Improve software (Add-On)


The SkyTrak+ launch monitor brings significant advances to the original SkyTrak platform including dual Doppler radar for club data measurement, advance machine learning software, and improved photometric camera system that deliver best-in-class accuracy.

The addition of radar brings club information to the forefront of the experience – giving SkyTrak users a vital data point to improve their game. More great innovations come with the new and improved SkyTrak Shot Optimizer and Shot Score features. Now you can measure yourself against golfers of all skill levels and optimal shots in our database of millions of golf shots.

More courses around the world that will take you on your dream trips from the comfort of your home or workplace And more!

SkyTrak+ New Features

New Doppler Radar along with advanced machine learning software delivers new and highly accurate club data like: clubhead speed, smash factor, face angle, and club path.

New Photometric Camera System provides golfers with precise ball tracking measurements and enhanced performance outside on mats.

More Courses – Play the best courses including St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, Pinehurst, Bandon Dunes and more. SkyTrak+ provides access to well over 100,000 golf courses around the world by offering add-on software from E6 Connect, WGT, The Golf Club 2019, and more.

New Shot Optimizer allows you to examine your ball and club data vs. optimal launch conditions. The SkyTrak+’s new red, yellow, and green scoring system lets you see how your shots compare to the best players in the world. It also includes instructional tutorials from Nick Clearwater a Golf Digest Top 25 instructor.

New Shot Scoring allows you to identify expected shot distance for each club in your bag by hitting twenty shots with that club. The SkyTrak then measures subsequent shots and scores them against golfers of varying skill levels and predicts your expected performance in an 18-hole round.

Skill Rating gives you the ability to create up to ten target ranges and choose the number of shots (3-5) per target. Then measure your performance at each distance with the SkyTrak dynamic overlay system.

Club Data provides clubhead speed, smash factor, club path, and face angle data.

Bag Mapping helps you know your club distance. Map your bag with SkyTrak and start pulling the right club every time.

Practice Randomizer allows you to  Practice with a purpose. Select the minimum and maximum distance and start shooting.

Wedge Matrix has you hit a variety of shots with up to four wedges and learn your distances for pitches, ½ shots, ¾ shots, and full wedge shots. 

Additional improvements:

  • A 40% larger hitting area captures a full range of shots
  • A new built-in processor enables faster image display and easy connectivity with a wide range of computers and mobile devices
  • Added 5 GHz Wi-Fi capabilities for a faster and more stable connection USB Type-C charging options ensure port stability and rapid charging No special ball or club stickers needed 
FeatureBasic Included w/SkyTrak+Game Improvement $99.95/yr
Play & Improve $199.95/yr
Driving RangeOOO
 Game Improvement Featuresn/aOO
Skill Building Challengesn/aOO
Golf Simulator Integrationsn/aOO

Note - Software is purchased from SkyGolf Directly. If you purchase a package with the computer Ace includes a play and improve software subscription installed on the computer. In order to play skills challenges and course, you must have an upgraded plan.

Medalist Golf Simulator Enclosure

The basic package of the Medalist Total Sim Suite comes with our Medalist enclosure. This hitting bay measures 12' 6" Wide x 8' 6" Tall x 6' Deep (5' to screen). The enclosure includes Ace's HiQ screen, framing top and side mini pads, adhesive velcro, turnbuckle cables, top lid, and side skins. The enclosure comes with our popular 2-piece HiQ screen system. The screens are designed to take the hardest hits and are manufactured so that the image fills up the entire screen in high definition. 


  • 2-piece HiQ Screen System (Front HiQ screen and rear impact screen)
  • The image fills up the entire screen in HD
  • Premium, heavy-weight, fire-resistant screen
  • Durable 1.5" aluminum frame
  • Turnbuckle cables
  • Top lid and side wall skins

What Makes An Ace Enclosure Better?

  • Stronger, heavier, more durable aluminum or steel frames you can’t buy at a store. They are engineered specifically for a golf simulator.
  • Ultra-premium polyester screen for an HD image and longer durability.
  • Ace builds craftsmanship into the webbing/edges, double stitching its screens and using a higher quality, more durable material than the black vinyl you see on other screens.
  • We do not sew on loops that attach and rip. We use #4 grommets that are stronger and larger than competitors’ pin-hole grommets.
  • Bottom pocket and shock cord minimize bounce back.
  • Foam top and side mini-pads reduce ball rebound.
  • Carpet pads around the screen

Projector Package Add-On Package

The projector add-on package includes a laser 3LCD projector that is compatible with swing cameras. It also has a 30' HDMI cable, projector ceiling mount, pipe, and flange. The projector brand and model may vary. 

Fibertbuilt Performance Turf 4' x 8' Rectangular Mat

A significant upgrade to typical turf hitting mats, this Fiberbuilt tee box combines a modular shock-absorbing rubber foundation with our Performance Turf to provide a realistic experience from tee shots (using a real tee) to wedges. You can tee up from anywhere on the mat using a standard tee right in the turf.

Gaming Desktop Add-On

This add-on includes a high-powered gaming desktop computer that delivers a smooth, true golf simulation experience. The computer is preloaded with all the needed software making your simulator setup easier. Computer brand and model may vary.