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Sim-In-A-Box Play Package with GC3 Monitor

Sim-In-A-Box Play Package with GC3 Monitor

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SIAB Play Pkg
This Foresight Sim-in-a-Box Play Package Includes a GC3 Ball Enabled launch monitor, FSX Play, Awesome Golf Lifetime membership with 25 courses, and the Sim-in-a-Box Play Kit (enclosure, computer, computer cart, side nets, projector, and hitting mat)Full Description
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Sim-In-A-Box Play Package

Looking for the ultimate simulation kit at a reasonable price? Look no further than our Sim-in-a-Box Play Package Includes: GC3 Ball Enabled launch monitor, FSX Play, Awesome Golf Lifetime membership with 25 courses, and the Sim-in-a-Box Play Kit (enclosure, computer, computer stand, projector, and hitting mat)

Everything you need to play golf.

Upgrade your golf simulation experience effortlessly with the Foresight Sim-in-a-Box™ Play Package featuring a GC3 ball-enabled launch monitor. Transform your space into a full-sized golf simulator in no time. This package offers unmatched affordability and simplicity in assembly, allowing you to immerse yourself in a true-to-life golfing experience. Take your game to new heights with the simulator components package that has everything you need.

This package includes:

  • GC3 Ball-Enabled Launch Monitor: With its cutting-edge photometric technology, the GC3 launch monitor guarantees accuracy and reliability on both the range and in your home simulator. When it comes to providing real-time performance insights, there is simply no other launch monitor technology that can compare with the GC line. This is a configuration of the GC3 launch monitor with ball data only. Data includes ball speed, horizontal and vertical launch angle, total spin, side spin/side axis, and carry distance. The GC3 Clubhead Data Add-On can be activated as an upgrade at any time. 
  • Simulator Enclosure - Ensuring safety and durability, the pre-built indoor golf hitting bay, is meticulously designed and measures 10' 10" W x 8' 4" H x 13' 7" D (See photo above) and features a robust construction. Included with the enclosure are the frame, gap pads, frame pads, side nets and sand bags, top lid, and side skins.
  • Golf Impact Screen - A high quality golf simulator screen ready to display your high definition images.
  • Golf Stance Mat & Projector - A high quality and durable projector and a 4' x 8' stance mat are included with the package.

Awesome Golf Lifetime Membership ($349 value) - Awesome Golf offers endless entertainment and is designed specifically for iPad, with availability also for PC. Whether you're perfecting your club distances on the range, competing for the longest drive title, or achieving a personal best on the captivating courses included in the game, Awesome Golf delivers an all-encompassing experience that guarantees non-stop fun.

Experience the excitement of 13 diverse game modes in Awesome Golf:

  • Shot by Shot: Obtain precise data on your practice sessions, including distances, speeds, spin, club path, and more.
  • Approach Shots: Hone your skills with approach shots across different distances while avoiding obstacles like bunkers, water, and trees.
  • Club Distances: Fine-tune your club distances to elevate your scores. Compare various clubs to find the perfect fit.
  • Coaching: Analyze your entire game with personalized dashboards designed to enhance your scores.
  • Closest to the Pin: Test your accuracy with three attempts to land your ball as close as possible to the pin on challenging Par 3 holes. How close can you get?
  • Longest Drive: Showcase your power and technique to claim the title for the longest straight drive.
  • Target Golf: Strategically aim for specific colored targets to earn points. Sink the ball accurately for maximum rewards.
  • Skills Challenge: Push your shot-making abilities to the limit in the ultimate skills challenge.
  • Super Splash: Chip the ball into pools to score points, but beware of the lurking sharks!
  • Boat Blast: Earn points by hitting boats and navigate between islands in pursuit of your targets.
  • Wrecking Balls: Demolish towering structures and bring them crashing down.
  • Get in the Hole: Pitch the ball and create holes to accrue points. Conquer buildings as you accumulate a high score.
  • Virtual Courses: Immerse yourself in full rounds of golf at any of the four included courses: Spring Park Hills, Island Beach, Desert Canyon, or Valley Pines