Uneekor Eye Mini Medalist Golf Simulator Package

Uneekor Eye Mini Medalist Golf Simulator Package

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Monitor & Enclosure
This home golf simulator package includes a Uneekor EYE MINI launch monitor and an Ace Medalist enclosure. Optional package add-ons include projector/ceiling mount, 4' x 8' Fiberbuilt hitting mat, and a gaming computer.Full Description
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Uneekor Eye Mini Medalist Golf Simulator Package

This home golf simulator package includes a Uneekor Eye Mini launch monitor and an Ace Medalist enclosure. Optional package add-ons include projector/ceiling mount, Fiberbuilt 4' x 8' stance mat, and a gaming computer.

The package includes

Included in the box:

  • Eye Mini launch monitor
  • Free 3 month Champion subscription
  • Carrying case w/carrying strap
  • View software for PC and iPad app
  • Power cable and adapter
  • CAT6 ethernet cable
  • Club Stickers (640)
  • Tweezers (For applying and removing club stickers)

Launch Monitor Output

Ball Optix: The Eye Mini utilizes Ball Optix technology in a whole new way to provide accurate and reliable club data after each shot! Using high-speed cameras and infrared sensors like the overhead models, the Eye Mini provides extremely accurate ball and club data after each shot, and video feedback of the impact between your club and golf ball.

Ball Data: Includes ball speed, side & back spin, side angle, side distance, launch angle, angle of descent*, flight time*, distance to apex*, and run*. * Available on View PC or View Air iPad.

Club Data*: Includes club speed, angle of attack, smash factor, and club path. *Eye Mini club stickers are required.

Club Optix: Make the most of your practice. Club Optix provides overhead, close-up views of the club head in slow motion before, during, and after impact. With the Eye Mini, you also get a new front view. Club face data includes carry distance, total distance, smash, club path, vertical and horizontal launch angle, ball speed and club speed, backspin, and side spin.

Uneekor View Software: Easily connect your iPad to the EYE MINI to bring our powerful software with you wherever you go. The EYE MINI comes standard with our VIEW software for both PC and iPad devices.

Club Stickers: These reflective club stickers are easy-to-apply and capture the most comprehensive & accurate club data in the industry. 


The EYE MINI can connect to the Swing Optix camera and Balance Optix weight pad systems. 

Performance Optix: This Uneekor Performance Optix is a biomechanical golf training system that combines their Swing Optix add-on camera system with the Balance Optix mat. When paired with a Uneekor launch monitor's ball and club tracking data, the Balance Optix mat highlights how your weight transfers throughout your swing to identify and correct any inefficiencies. The balance mat allows you to build your swing from the ground up by giving you the tools to analyze your swing’s weight shift with unmatched precision.

Swing Optix: The Uneekor Swing Optix software allows you to see how your golf club moves through the impact zone before, during, and after impact. The EYE MINI provides 

Refine Simulation Software: This Uneekor Refine software is an add-on practice and golf course play software that includes a realistic golf practice center, five fundamental training modes, and five 18-hole golf courses. 

Refine+ Simulation Software: The Uneekor Refine+ software add-on provides practice and golf course simulation. It includes a realistic golf practice center, five fundamental training modes, and twenty 18-hole courses. Learn More

3rd Party Programs: The Eye Mini will connect with 3rd party software such as E6 Connect, TCC 2019, or GSPro  if you have a Uneekor Pro or Champion subscription. See below

Eye Mini Software Comparison

Player Pro Champion

Included $199/Yr $399/Yr
View Ball/Club Data* (IPad, iPhone, Android) O O O
View Air iPad O O O
View PC O O O
- # of Profiles 1 5 50
- Sessions Per Profile 15 100 500
- Power U Report n/a 500 1,000
Refine+ X X O
3rd Party Connector X O O

   Swing Optix O O O
   Balance Optix O O O

* Needs club sticker.  Subscription option available online through a Uneekor account or via the launch monitor and Uneekor Launcher.

Uneekor Living Room with Golf Simulator and Mountain View
Barton Creek Golf Course Screenshot

Medalist Golf Simulator Enclosure

The basic package of the Medalist Total Sim Suite comes with our Medalist enclosure. This hitting bay measures 12' 6" Wide x 8' 6" High x 6' Deep (5' to screen). The enclosure includes Ace's HiQ 2-piece screen, framing top and side mini pads, adhesive velcro, turnbuckle cables, top lid, and side skins. The enclosure comes with our popular 2-piece HiQ screen system. The screens are designed to take the hardest hits and are manufactured so that the image fills up the entire screen in high definition. 


  • 2-piece HiQ Screen System (Front HiQ screen and rear impact screen)
  • The image fills up the entire screen in HD
  • Premium, heavy-weight, fire-resistant screen
  • Durable 1.5" aluminum frame
  • Turnbuckle cables
  • Top lid and side wall skins

What Makes An Ace Enclosure Better?

  • Stronger, heavier, more durable aluminum or steel frames you can’t buy at a store. They are engineered specifically for a golf simulator.
  • Ultra-premium polyester screen for an HD image and longer durability.
  • Ace builds craftsmanship into the webbing/edges, double stitching its screens and using a higher quality, more durable material than the black vinyl you see on other screens.
  • We do not sew on loops that attach and rip. We use #4 grommets that are stronger and larger than competitors’ pin-hole grommets.
  • Bottom pocket and shock cord minimize bounce back.
  • Foam top and side mini-pads reduce ball rebound.
  • Carpet pads around the screen

Projector Package Add-On Package

The projector add-on package includes a laser 3LCD projector that is compatible with swing cameras. It also has a 30' HDMI cable, projector ceiling mount, pipe, and flange. The projector brand and model may vary. 

Fiberbuilt 4' x 8' Performance Hitting Mat 

A significant upgrade to typical turf-hitting mats, Fiberbuilt’s Performance Turf Tee Box features a modular shock-absorbing rubber foundation with Fiberbuilt's high-performance turf. It provides a realistic experience from tee shots (using a real tee) to wedges.

  • A cost-effective solution for simulator and golf room setups
  • Fiberbuilt’s Performance Turf allows for realistic ball flight and is soft underfoot.
  • All-nylon fibers are UV resistant and highly durable.
  • Tee up from anywhere on the mat using a standard tee right in the turf.
  • The modular rubber base provides a solid foundation with unmatched shock absorption and keeps the mat from sliding underfoot.
  • Available in our natural looking on-course green color turf
  • Assembles in just a few easy, tool-free steps

Gaming Desktop Add-On

This add-on includes a high-powered gaming desktop computer that delivers a smooth, true golf simulation experience. The computer is preloaded with all the needed software making your simulator setup easier. Computer brand and model may vary.