Custom Size Golf Impact Screen HiQ Brand

Custom Size Golf Impact Screen HiQ Brand

Trust Ace for Ultra-Premium HiQ Golf Simulator Screens.

Ace Indoor Golf’s ultra-premium, custom-size HiQTM golf simulator screen is the best, most durable screen on the market, offering a rich, high-definition image. This custom, 1-piece HiQ golf impact screen allows you to purchase the exact size you need to fit your simulator frame.

Golf Simulator Screen Price

The golf simulator screen price starts at $369. Simply select your width and height, starting at 72” long and 70” high. Most golf hitting screens are made of single-ply fabric that scars easily and wears out quickly. HiQ screens feature a three-ply design that allows the ball to hit the screen with minimal bounce-back or puckering; they absorb the sound of the impact and display a bright, high-contrast image. Best of all, the screen materials are highly durable, taking up to 34,000 hits with hardly any stretching. Plus, HiQ can handle the fastest ball speeds in excess of 200+ mph.

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