PuttView Moving Greens

PuttView Moving Greens

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Transform your space into a world-class putting facility with the PurrView Moving Series putting greens. This innovative technology lets you recreate any putting scenario from any golf course in a realistic and immersive experience with seamless slope adjustments and precise control.Full Description
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Elevate Your Game with The PuttView Moving Series: The Ultimate Putting Solution!

Transform your home or studio into a world-class putting facility with this comprehensive putting improvement solution. PuttView's innovative technology allows you to recreate any putting scenario from any golf course, providing a realistic and immersive experience. Choose from three sizes (8x12ft, 8x16ft, 8x20ft) to suit your space and needs.

Enjoy seamless slope adjustment and precise control, thanks to PuttView's cutting-edge design. Plus, take advantage of our professional installation services (included) and dedicated PuttView Support to ensure a smooth transition to your new putting surface. Custom size moving green quotes available upon request.

Professionalize Your Putting

The PuttView Moving Series is a comprehensive putting solution that guides you through move, analyze, improve, and perform. With adjustable slope settings and pre-defined options, you can fine-tune your practice and receive immediate feedback on your putting line. The system allows for customizable visual elements that auto-adjust to the slope, ensuring a personalized and efficient practice experience.

Recreate Any Putt

The patented PuttView technology seamlessly integrates with the system, allowing you to recreate millions of putts from around the world and immerse yourself in a realistic putting experience. Use the Modify Green Screen to select custom slope combinations or randomize your setup with the dice, and the PuttView technology will automatically adjust the visuals to match your settings. With PuttView, you can customize your practice experience like never before.

Test Your Abilities

The Putt Test provides a comprehensive assessment of your putting skills from various distances, allowing you to establish your baseline performance and identify areas for improvement. With the Moving Series, you can analyze your weaknesses and develop a personalized plan to become the best putter you can be. The test offers actionable insights, statistical analysis, and drills to help you focus on specific areas, track your progress, and make measurable improvements.

PuttView Control Center

With a simple touch, you can access the core of PuttView and easily navigate the virtual green on the touch screen, recreating any slope scenario or combination you desire. Once set, the PuttView visuals will automatically adapt to your chosen slope setting, allowing you to control the experience remotely from your tablet. The comprehensive platform offers a range of modes, including practice, games, drills, statistics, and the new Putt Test, making it the ultimate all-in-one putting improvement solution.