TruGolf Apogee Golf Simulator Package

TruGolf Apogee Golf Simulator Package

This package includes a TruGolf Apogee launch monitor and requires you to purchase one of three enclosures. Optional add-on purchases include hitting mat, projector, computer stand, projector mount, gaming computer, and extended warranty.

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Includes the TruGolf Apogee Launch Monitor. Choose your options.

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This Ace Indoor Golf simulator package includes a TruGolf Apogee launch monitor and requires you to purchase one of three golf simulator enclosures: Ace Medalist,  Pro enclosure or our commercial grade Enterprise fully enclosed hitting bay. Optional add-on purchases include hitting mat, projector, computer stand, projector mount, gaming computer, and extended warranty.

TruGolf Apogee Launch Monitor

Using a stereoscopic camera-based system, the TruGolf Apogee delivers a wide selection of shot data including:  ball speed, back spin, side spin, vertical launch angle, horizontal launch direction, clubhead speed, club face angle, and club path. Apogee's point-of-impact interface allows you to watch, re-watch and examine your club's interaction with the ball in full-speed or slow-motion video playback.

The TruGolf Apogee control center (ACC) gives users the most advanced, user-friendly device management tools, including a diagnostic dashboard, an automated self-calibration procedure, and innovative troubleshooting ideas.

The Apogee golf launch monitor includes a laser indicator that shows players where to place the ball. The laser disappears when the ball rests in a valid hitting location eliminating frustrating do-overs and un-captured shots. The golf simulator includes the industry's only Voice command that allows users to navigate gameplay and adjust settings inside E6 Connect, so you spend less time changing computer settings and more time hitting balls. You can ask Apogee to help you read a putt, show you the trouble around a dogleg or a blind shot. You can even change the weather. Working as a golf launch monitor and simulator, Apogee comes with an E6 Connect 27-course license plus a 1-year expanded subscription.

What's included in the box: Launch monitor, Calibration template, 6' power cable, 50' CAT6 cable, USB to CAT6 network adaptor, E6 Connect subscription, Instruction bundle, Laser level, Mounting hardware and screws, Ceiling mount, Space Requirements, 21-25" in front of the tee, 10-12' in front of the screen.

TruGolf Launch Monitor Ceiling mount with Enclosure

Enclosure Options: 

The basic package includes the Ace Medalist or Pro enclosures. The Medalist hitting bay measures 12' 6" Wide x 8' 6" Tall x 6' Deep (5' to screen) and the Pro is 14' 6" Wide x 8' 9" Tall x 5' Deep. Each enclosure includes Ace's HiQ 2-piece screen, framing top and side mini pads, adhesive velcro, turnbuckle cables, top lid, and side skins. The screens are designed to take the hardest hits and are manufactured so that the image fills up the entire screen in high definition. 


  • 2-piece HiQ Screen System for an HD image and greater durability
  • This is the highest quality, commercial golf screen available, Ace uses premium, heavy-weight, fire-resistant materials, the webbing/edges are double stitched and include Velcro for easy installation and screen tightening.
  • Bottom pocket and shock cord minimize bounce back and reduce impact sound
  • We do not sew on loops that attach and rip. We use #4 grommets that are stronger and larger than competitors’ pin-hole grommets.
  • Heavy, more durable 1.5" aluminum frame you can’t buy at a store. They are engineered specifically for a golf simulator.
  • Turnbuckle cables in the rear of the enclosure provide greater frame stability
  • Top lid and side wall skins, top and side Gap Pads and foam Frame-Pads protect you and the room surroundings by eliminating ricochets.

Projector Add-On

Choose from three of the best golf simulator projectors on the market: Epson PowerLite 1781W 3LCD, Panasonic VMZ51U LCD, or the Epson PowerLite L630SU 3LCD Short Throw.  The 3LCD projectors are compatible with swing cameras and we include a 30' HDMI cable with the projector

Ace Indoor Golf Medalist Hitting Bay in Sky Rise Looking Out On City

Hitting Mat Add-On

Choose from an Ace Indoor Golf hitting mat, various FiberBuilt hitting mats, or combo stance and putting mat. A significant upgrade to typical turf-hitting mats, Fiberbuilt’s Performance Turf Tee Box features a modular shock-absorbing rubber foundation with Fiberbuilt's high-performance turf that is soft underfoot. It provides a realistic experience from tee shots (using a real tee) to wedges. Assembles in just a few easy, tool-free steps

Gaming Computer Add-On

This add-on includes a high-powered gaming desktop computer that delivers a smooth, true golf simulation experience. The computer is preloaded with all the needed software making your simulator setup easier. Computer brand and model may vary.

Projector Mount Add-On

This option allows you to choose a projector mount for the ceiling. You can skip the mount and buy your own table/computer stand and Keystone your projector on the table in the corner. It's is a great option if you don't want to hang the projector and will have right handed only or left handed only golfers.