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GCQuad Elite PRO Package

GCQuad Elite PRO Package

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Save $1,500. Introducing Ace Indoor Golf's Elite Pro Series frame enclosure with the Foresight GCQuad launch monitor! Our package includes: GCQuad Launch Monitor FSX2020 Performance Software 5 Golf courses and a driving range Elite PRO Series Enclosure (14'6" W x 8'9"' H x 5' D) Projector, Mount, flange, and 35' HDMI cable Game Optimized Computer Fiberbuilt 4x8 Turf Tee BoxFull Description
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GCQuad Launch Monitor Front and Side View

The Best Launch Monitor Combined With The Best Enclosure.

Introducing Ace Indoor Golf's Elite Pro Series frame enclosure with the Foresight GCQuad launch monitor!

Our package includes:


FSX 2020 Software: Get ready to experience the authenticity and innovation of our cutting-edge golf simulation software, FSX 2020. Immerse yourself in the world of golf with full rounds at prestigious courses, hone your skills on the range or specific holes, compete in global tournaments with other users, and conveniently store your session data in the cloud for future analysis. Courses included with FSX 2020: Teton Pines GC, Blue Bayou Golf and Fishing Club, Broken Tree, Butterfield Country Club, Kinsale Golf & Fitness Club, Linfield National, Willow Crest, Tall Pines, The Farms Golf Course. Courses subject to change without notice. Additional courses and editors picks are made available from time to time.

FSX Pro Performance Software Club Add-On: Access the most comprehensive analysis of a player's club head performance with ease. Without the need for extra hardware, players, fitters, and coaches can now measure critical club data such as Club head speed, Smash factor, Angle of attack, Club path, Loft at impact, Lie & face angle at impact, and Impact location on the club face.

Foresight Fairgrounds: Take a break from the classic golfing experience with Foresight Fairgrounds. This free suite of family-friendly mini-games, available for FSX 2020 and FSX 2018 users, reimagines popular games like skee ball, bowling, and darts, providing enjoyable entertainment for players of all golf skill levels.

Awesome Golf: Get ready to elevate your golf game with the Awesome Golf Lifetime Membership ($349 value). This exclusive offer gives you access to endless entertainment specifically designed for iPad, with availability for PC as well. Whether you're refining your club distances on the range, battling it out for the longest drive, or striving for a personal best on the captivating courses included in the game, Awesome Golf delivers an immersive experience that guarantees non-stop fun. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to take your golf skills to the next level and join the Awesome Golf community today!