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Uneekor Eye Mini Lite Launch Monitor

Uneekor Eye Mini Lite Launch Monitor

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The Eye Mini Lite is an in-home focused launch monitor that requires power and connection to a PC. Unlike the Uneekor Eye Mini, the Lite does not have a heads up display or a battery but all other features are the same. The Eye Mini Lite features a high-speed infra red cameras that track 18 different data points. It also features a metal case and built-in stand and indicator light that turns red when the ball is ready in the hitting zone. 

Discover the exceptional features you've come to anticipate from Uneekor with the remarkable EYE MINI LITE. Setting up is a breeze, simply connect it to your PC, and you'll be ready to relish a complete practice and immersive golf simulation experience in no time. It's all conveniently packaged and effortless, straight out of the box.

Note - Eye Mini Lite is scheduled to ship late March 2024. Buyer acknowledges the delivery date could be significantly delayed do to issues outside Ace Indoor Golf's control. No refunds on pre-orders. A pre-order will put you in line for inventory when available.

Experience the joy of playing countless top-tier golf courses at your own pace day or night. Indulge in Uneekor's state-of-the-art Refine+ and Gameday systems, or effortlessly integrate beloved favorites like GSPRO and embark on limitless golfing expeditions.

Elevate your game to new heights with the unrivaled precision of EYE MINI LITE. Transform every swing into valuable, actionable data, meticulously pinpointing the subtleties of your technique with Uneekor's renowned accuracy. Unleash the full potential of every drive, chip, and putt as you track and analyze your progress, unlocking new levels of improvement.

Uneekor Eye Mini Lite Launch Monitor Features

Club Optix: Utilize Club Optix to capture intricate club impact data from any location, dive into comprehensive analysis with Uneekor View, and effortlessly enhance your swing with unbeatable ease. View video of your club before, during and after impact at a stunning 180 frames per second. Dial in your ball strike and see what you are feeling in real-time.

Ball Data*: Ball Speed, Launch Angle, Back Spin, Side Spin, Side Angle, Side Distance, and Carry Distance

Club Data+: Club Speed, Angle of Attack, Smash Factor, and Club Path

Courses: Play thousands of world-class courses with Uneekor software or integrate with GSPro, Gameday, E6 or TGC2019.

Balance Optix: Use Uneekor's add-on Balance Optix mat to harness over 1100 sensors for rear-time weight shift analysis and vivid foot heat map and precise weight distribution bars to see subtle shifts impacting your game.

Swing Optix: Compatible with Uneekor's optional Swing Optix system offering high-speed cameras - one down the line and one face on view. These cameras provide crucial insights to perfect your form and refine your technique.

Player Package
Pro Package
Champion Package
Legend (Unlocked)
Ball Data Points*OOOO
Club Data Points+OOOO
View (PC Version)OOOO
Sessions Per Profile15100500500
Power U Report
View Air App (iPad)^OOOO

3rd Party Connector

^ Some features will require Pro or Champion package.