Foresight Falcon Launch Monitor

Foresight Falcon Launch Monitor

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Foresight Sports has introduced their latest launch monitor, the Falcon, which utilizes the same photometric technology as the GCHawk. The Falcon is an overhead launch monitor that is more powerful than the GCHawk and roughly half the size. This compact model incorporates all the features and capabilities expected from a Foresight product, effortlessly outperforming all competing models. Constructed with a reinforced aluminum frame, the Falcon weighs 10 pounds less and is 45 inches shorter than the GCHawk.

The Falcon is one of the best performing and most accurate overhead launch monitors on the market. Its quadrascopic camera technology provides a larger hitting zone than other ceiling-mounted launch monitors and the monitor includes rubberized impact protection.

For convenience, it offers multiple connection options including Ethernet, USB-C, and Wifi. Additionally, the Falcon boasts a two-year warranty, surpassing that of any competing product. With each shot, the Falcon captures over a dozen data points on ball and club performance, nearly doubling the amount of data recorded by any other overhead-mounted launch monitor, except for the GCHawk.

Package includes:

  • Foresight Falcon Overhead Launch Monitor
  • FSX 2020
  • FSX Play
  • Club Measurement Add-On for Falcon
  • Awesome Golf - Lifetime membership
  • Foresight Fairgrounds
  • 25 Course Bundle
  • Automatic Latching Ceiling Mount (mounting screws not included)
  • Calibration Wand
  • Power Cord
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Fiducial Dispenser
  • USB to USB-C Cord
  • Rubberized Tees (2)
Foresight Sim In A Box Ace Golf Simulator Room with Falcon Launch Monitor

Foresight Falcon Launch Monitor Features:

FSX 2020 Software: Experience the authenticity and cutting-edge technology of FSX 2020 Software, the ultimate golf simulation experience. Whether you're playing full rounds at prestigious courses, honing your skills on the range or specific holes, competing globally with other users, or analyzing your session data in the cloud, FSX 2020 has it all.

FSX Play Software: Prepare to be amazed by the unparalleled gaming experience of FSX Play Software. With hyper-realistic gameplay and a modern, stylish interface, FSX Play redefines enjoyment in the virtual golf realm, setting a new standard for virtual golf platforms.

Ball Data: Ball Speed, Vertical Launch Angle, Horizontal Launch Angle, Spin Axis, Total Spin, and Carry Distance.

Club Data: Clubhead Speed, Club Path, Angle of Attack, Lie Angle at Impact, Face Angle at Impact, Smash Factor, Loft at Impact, Impact Location on Club Face, and Closure Rate.

Club Add-On Software: Take your club head performance analysis to the next level with the Club Measurement Add-On. Measure critical club data such as club head speed, smash factor, angle of attack, club path, loft at impact, lie and face angle at impact, and impact location on the club face, all at your fingertips and without the need for extra hardware.

Foresight Fairgrounds: For some family-friendly fun, check out Foresight Fairgrounds, a free suite of mini-games for FSX2020 and FSX 2018 users. Enjoy classic games like skee ball, bowling, and darts, reimagined for players of all golf skill levels to have a blast.

Awesome Golf Lifetime Membership: Get ready for non-stop fun with the Awesome Golf Lifetime Membership! Designed specifically for iPad, with availability for PC as well, Awesome Golf offers endless entertainment. Whether you're practicing your club distances on the range, competing for the longest drive title, or aiming for a personal best on the captivating courses, this game delivers an all-encompassing experience that guarantees hours of enjoyment. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to join the Awesome Golf community and take your virtual golfing skills to the next level.

Courses Included: Blue Bayou Golf and Fishing Club, Broken Tree Golf Course, Linfield National Golf Club, Teton Pines Golf Course, Willow Crest Golf Club, The Farms Golf Club, Beaver Hills Country Club, Tall Pines, Butterfield Country Club (Red/Blue), Kinsale Golf and Fitness Club, Awbrey Glen Golf Course (FSX Play Only), Barren Boulders Executive (FSX Play Only), Black, Rock Golf Course (FSX Play Only), Detroit Country Club (FSX Play Only), Glen Flora Country Club (FSX Play Only), Greencastle Golf Club (FSX Play Only), Meadowbrook Country Club (FSX Play Only), Mill Creek Golf Club (FSX Play Only)

Potter's Park Golf Course (FSX Play Only), Prairie Bluff Golf Club (FSX Play Only), Sunnyside Golf & Country Club (FSX Play Only), The Bedens Brook Club (FSX Play Only), Twin Run Golf Course (FSX Play Only), Wellington National Golf Club (FSX Play Only), and Tropical Paradise Executive (FSX Play Only).

Close up of Foresight Falcon Launch Monitor

Falcon Launch Monitor Specifications

Technology: Quadrascopic High-Speed Camera System

Size: 43'' Long

Hitting Zone: 59" x 28"

Weight: 26lbs

Power Supply: Integrated

Data Interface: USB Type C / WiFi / Ethernet

Mount: Automatic Latching Ceiling Mount

Ethernet Data Rate: Gigabit/Second

Impact Protection: Rubberized Impact Protection (replaceable)

Frame: Reinforced Aluminum

Warranty: 2-Year Limited

Multi-Sport Capable: No

Features Comparison: Foresight GCHawk, Falcon, GCQuad, and GC3 

Features GCHawkFalcon
Ball Data

   Launch Angle
  Side Angle
  Ball Speed
  Total Spin
  Side Spin/Spin Axis
Club Data

  Club Head Speed
  Smash Factor
  club Path
  Angle of Attack
  Loft/Lie X
  Face Angle X
  Impact Location X
  Closure Rate

Indoor/Outdoor If Fully CoveredIf Fully Covered Yes Yes
Cameras 4 (Quadrascopic)4 (Quadrascopic) 4 (Quadrascopic) 3 (Triscopic)
Light Source Integrated InfraredIntegrated Infrared Integrated Infrared IntegratInfrared
Hitting Zone 52" x 80"59" x 28" 18" x 14" 7" x 10"
Putting Analysis
Barometric Sensor
Battery NoNo Interchangeable
Lithium Ion
Fixed Lithium Ion
Battery Life N/AN/A 6-8Hours 5-7 Hours
Warranty 2-Year2-Year 2-Year 1-Year

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