TruGolf E6 Commercial Software

TruGolf E6 Commercial Software

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TruGolf E6 Commercial Golf Simulator Software

TruGolf's E6 Connect Commercial Suite makes running your indoor golf facility more manageable. It offers simulator security, remote system monitory, a redesigned user interface, and several software solutions that make running an indoor golf business easier than ever. The interface gives customers an easy-to-use experience, allowing users to log in with their phone number and start playing immediately. Plus, with TruGolf's E6 Connect golf simulator software, golfers of all skill levels can connect and compete in virtual golf leagues and events worldwide."

E6 Commercial includes the following commercial golf simulator software features:

  • Product Launcher – This innovative, easy-to-use TruGolf menu allows users to switch from E6 Connect or multi-sport games with a simple screen tap.
  • Simulator Security – TruGolf includes an extra layer of protection requiring an administrator password before exiting the software to ensure data protection.
  • Clubhouse Dashboard - The commercial suite includes a comprehensive player dashboard that provides meaningful customer metrics that help you run your business.
  • Member Messaging System – Stay connected to your customers through E6 Clubhouse via email messages. Remind your customers of upcoming events, league play results, and past successes, or invite them to your business for some friendly competition.
  • League Software – Make events and leagues effortlessly and publish them to your simulators through the E6 Commercial web portal. You can store data on league scores, manage handicaps for members, and get reports on usage across each simulator. The software captures simulator analytics, including popular playing times and modes of play, uptime vs. in-game uptime, number of shots taken, and more.

In addition to the above features, golf businesses can use E6 Connect golf simulator software for gaming and course-play. 

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