Net Return Universal Side Barriers

Net Return Universal Side Barriers

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Net Return Universal Series Side Barriers enhance safety in areas prone to mishit golf balls. These barriers prevent balls from escaping the hitting area. 

The Side Barriers are convenient to set up, take less than five minutes, and are made of polyester netting. Each pair of Side Barriers, except for the Heavy Duty Side Barriers, come with a left and a right side and are adjustable to suit your preferences. You can set them up straight out or at wider angles, depending on what works best for you. The Side Barriers are secured using sandbags, and four of them are provided (one per Side Barrier), as well as two for the rear of the frame.

The Side Barriers can be walked into the front of the frame when not in use, taking up minimal space, and can be quickly retrieved by removing the sandbags and extending them. Each barrier is uniquely tailored by hand. To store or transport them, simply place them in your duffle bag.

Compatible with the Home Series V2 and the Pro Series. Four sand bags included.


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