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Ace Indoor Golf Scores a Hole-in-One at BizBash Live NY!

 New York will never be the same after Ace Indoor Golf set up shop (and one of our astoundingly accurate simulators) at BizBash Live NY 2017.

BizBash is a trade and education show unlike any other for event planners and coordinators, organizers of parties and entertainment, and people who just want to find different, better and unique ideas for their clients. Which include corporate parties and events, weddings, birthdays, retirement soirees, graduations, grand openings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and any other reason you can find to celebrate or play.

Our Ace Indoor Golf team (including founder Joe Neumeyer, and installation expert Todd Obee) arrived on Tuesday, October 24th at our booth (one of the biggest at the show) close to the entrance of the party. We were set up within two hours and ready to go! Unfortunately, the show would not open until the next day. Knowing that we had an exciting product and service to offer made the overnight wait one of the longest ever! Needless to say, sleep did not come easy. . .

We awakened on the morning of October 25th full of hope, excitement and a small case of nerves. After all, this was one of the big 2017 events at the Jacob K. Javits Center, New York City’s largest convention hall, and we were an integral part of it! We were holding center stage at one of the largest theaters in the world!

But all nerves were quickly set aside as we were inundated from the very start of the show with people wanting to get more information on rental availability and questions about how it worked, and would-be Phil Mickelsons all wanting to try their skill on the Closest-to-the-Pin hole we set up for the day. We saw a lot of really good golf and a few “maybe tennis is your game” hackers, but it was all in good fun. There was hardly a lull in our day as visitors came and went. . . and then came back. One employee from Sony came back five times during the course of the afternoon, and she had never held a club in her life! But she could not get enough of our sim, insisting that we were a “bright spot” at the show, the “best new attraction” at the event, and one of the best booths she had seen in her five years of attending BizBash.

Unfortunately, the cheers and adulation had to end as BizBash Live NY closed up shop at 5:30pm. We were packed up within an hour and on the road back to HQ in Ohio. But it also got us thinking about future BizBash Shows. . . after all, there is Fort Lauderdale in May and Los Angeles in July. 

Overall, it was an extremely successful event for Ace Indoor Golf filled with great memories and promise, outstanding people and a lot of golf. We reached more people that afternoon than we normally could in a year! And they responded with excitement, enthusiasm and optimism that a golf simulator at their event could be a ‘game-changer’, and would be talked about well after their party was done. In short, they found their “A-HA” moment at our booth.

Which, of course, made us reach for our calendars . . . 2018 is already shaping up to be a very busy year for Ace Indoor Golf.

(All pictures taken before the event opened that morning)

Ace indoor golf set up at BizBash Live NY 2017

Just down the hall from Ace Indoor Golf booth at BizBash

The Center Hub Area of BizBash Live NY 2017

Entertainment at BizBash Live NY 2017. She was just slightly taller than our simulator!

“Um. . . do you have any courses with lagoons?”