Sim-in-a-Box: Eagle Plus Package

Sim-in-a-Box: Eagle Plus Package

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The Eagle Plus Package has everything you need to play indoor golf: QCQuad launch monitor, enclosure, computer stand, computer, projector, turf strip, hitting mat, and software.Full Description
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From one box to full simulation in no time at all. For the first time ever, experience full-size, true-to-life golf simulation with unprecedented affordability and ease of assembly with our Sim-in-a-Box™ Eagle Plus Package. This ready to play golf simulator package features the GCQuad launch monitor so you can go from range practice to course game play. The EAGLE PLUS Package has everything you need: QCQuad launch monitor, enclosure, computer stand, computer, projector, turf strip, hitting mat, and software.


  • GCQuad launch monitor: The Foresight GCQuad launch monitor is the ultimate portable, indoor/outdoor launch monitor that captures performance data with unmatched precision. Includes Club Analysis Add-on.
  • Full simulator setup: All of the components you need to build your own golf simulator - including a frame, impact screen, projector, turf strip, hitting mat, and computer cart.
  • Gaming-optimized desktop computer: A high-powered gaming PC optimized for the smoothest, truest golf simulation experience possible. Pre-loaded with the below software.
  • FSX 2020: Foresight's FSX2020 golf simulation software offers true-to-life golf simulation software. Play full rounds of golf at world-class courses, practice on the range or specific holes, compete with other users around the globe, and save data from every session to the cloud for your review later.
  • FSX Pro: Introducing the ultimate tool for gaining unparalleled performance insights for top players, coaches, and club fitters in the game.
  • FSX Play: Get ready to immerse yourself in a gaming experience like no other! FSX Play pushes the boundaries of realism by offering an ultra-modern interface that sets a new benchmark for virtual golf enjoyment.
  • Awesome Golf: Designed for iPad but also available for PC, Awesome Golf is endless fun. From dialing in your club distances on the range, to outdriving your opponent in longest drive, to shooting a personal best on one of the included courses, Awesome Golf has it all.
  • 40 world-class golf courses: Experience the very best. We've handpicked the finest from our library of renown golf courses for you - including the Links at St Andrews™.
  • Fairgrounds all-ages game suite: Our suite of family-friendly mini-games. Fairgrounds features your favorite classic games like skee ball, bowling, and darts, re-imagined for players of all golf skill levels to enjoy.

Note: Computers are pre-loaded with FSX 2020, but courses require activation with the Foresight Sports Technical Support team.