Sim-In-A-Box Play Kit

Sim-In-A-Box Play Kit

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Introducing Foresight Sim-in-a-Box® packages that offer life-like golf simulations on a full-scale level at an unbeatable price point without any complicated assembly steps. For golf aficionados who want to elevate their game, the Eagle Plus Enclosure Kit provides all the necessary components.Full Description
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Sim In A Box Play Enclosure Kit Dimensions

Sim-In-A-Box Play Enclosure Kit

Looking for the ultimate simulation kit at a reasonable price? Look no further than our Sim-in-a-Box Play Enclosure Kit. Specifically designed for those who already have a GC Launch Monitor, this kit boasts a comprehensive array of features that simply cannot be outmatched. It comprises a simulator frame, a hitting screen, a premium hitting mat, a game-optimized desktop computer with a cart, a projector, and ten expertly selected golf courses – all for an unbeatable price of $4,999.


From one box to full simulation in no time at all. For the first time ever, experience full-size, true-to-life golf simulation with unprecedented affordability and ease of assembly with Foresight Sim-in-a-Box™ packages. If you're ready to take your golf simulation to the next level, this simulator components package has what you need.

Note: launch monitor sold separately.


  • Simulator Frame
  • Hitting Screen
  • Premium Hitting Mat
  • Side Nets + Sand Bags
  • Gaming-Optimized Desktop Computer
  • Computer Cart
  • Projector
  • 10 Staff-Picked Golf Courses 

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