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Ace Indoor Golf Helps Simulator Tech Companies Put The Simulation In Your Golf Game

January 21, 2023


Toledo, OH Ace Indoor Golf is a leading golf simulator manufacturer and retailer in the United States. The company designs, sells, installs and provides maintenance of golf simulators to businesses, golf clubs, individuals, golf teams, sim manufacturers, and the most prominent golf retailers. The company offers turnkey custom-designed solutions and “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY), off-the-shelf packages that fit golfers’ needs at every price point.


At the 2023 PGA Show, Ace is providing golf simulator enclosures and sewn goods to seven of the top golf simulator technology companies including: Golfzon, AMPLUS, SkyTrak, Voice Caddie, and GOLFTEC, the largest golf lesson and club fitting retailer in the United States.


Not just a retailer, Ace manufactures a variety of products for golf simulators, including screens, hitting bays, mats, turf, framing top/side mini-pads, carpet pads, curtains, and other sewn goods associated with an enclosure. Their enclosures include the Premium, Pro, Medalist, Leisure, Eclipse curved hitting bay, and multi-sport nets. Ace sells these products directly to consumers, and also private labels its enclosures to simulator technology companies who sell them to their customers in simulator packages.

Golf simulator set up in a basement

At the PGA Show, Ace Indoor Golf is setting up the following products:

Pro Enclosure: This popular simulator enclosure kit is suitable for residential and commercial use. Designed with safety and rigidity in mind, the Pro Enclosure measures 14’ 6” wide x 5’ deep x 8’ 9” high and comes with a powder-coated steel frame. The enclosure will be featured in the Voice Caddie, SkyTrak and GOLFTEC rooms/booths at the PGA Show.

Premium Enclosure: This hitting bay is a commercial-grade hitting bay for heavy use. It measures 15’ wide x 18’ deep x 10’ high and offers commercial-grade construction and durability for heavy traffic use. The Premium hitting bay is both easy to install and ideal for use with overhead tracking technology. It also offers the most flexible screen-to-tee dimensions and is perfect for open spaces with high ceilings. The Premium will be in use at the GolfZon and AMPLUS booths during the PGA Show.

Sewn Goods: Ace manufactures the highest-quality sewn goods in the golf industry including sidewalls, top walls, 2-piece screens, carpet padding, and foam top/side mini pads. These will be in use at Foresight and Bushnell’s golf simulators during the PGA Show.


Why the industry’s top simulator users choose Ace Indoor Golf

Ace uses better materials. According to founder Joe Neumeyer, “Ace screens and enclosures are better. Our framing is better. It’s stronger, heavier, and more durable, whether its our aluminum or 820 steel frame. You can’t buy the pieces of an Ace frame at a store. It’s designed and engineered for a golf simulator.”


According to fabric manufacturers, Ace’s premium HiQ™ two-piece screen system is the best, most durable screen on the market. The screens are designed to take the hardest hits and are manufactured so the image fills up the entire screen in high definition. Ace HiQ screens feature a three-ply design that allows the ball to hit the screen with minimal bounce-back or puckering; they absorb the sound of the impact and display a bright, high-contrast image. Best of all, the screen materials are highly durable, taking up to 34,000 hits with hardly any stretching.


What makes an Ace enclosure better?

  1. Stronger, heavier, more durable aluminum or steel frames that you can’t buy at a store. They are engineered for a golf simulator.
  2. Highest quality polyester screen for an HD image and longer durability
  3. Ace builds craftsmanship into the webbing/edges, double stitching its screens and using a higher quality, more durable material than the black vinyl you see on other screens.
  4. We don’t sew on loops that attach and rip. We use #4 grommets that are stronger and larger than competitors’ pinhole grommets.
  5. Foam top/side mini-pads reduce ball rebound
  6. Ace screens feature a bottom pocket and shock cord that minimize bounce back
  7. Carpet pads around the screen eliminate gaps and ricochet


For landing pads, putting greens, turf, and hitting tees, Ace Indoor Golf offers a variety of options and brands to accommodate every need. Trust Ace Indoor Golf for all your needs when looking for golf simulator screens and enclosures. It’s a gimme! For more information, visit



Ace Indoor Golf is unsurpassed in the golf industry when it comes to building, designing, and installing golf simulator hardware and technology. Having recently launched Gimme Simulators as an expert turnkey sales and service solution for consumers or businesses looking to create the ultimate indoor golf experience, Ace brings its clients more than two decades of expertise in simulator builds and installations.


The company founders have installed more than 1,000 simulators in both the commercial and residential markets. By representing multiple manufacturers, Ace Indoor Golf and Gimme Simulators can customize products to meet customers’ specific demands.


Gimme Simulators provides best-in-class custom-built screens, enclosures, hitting mats and accessories for the golf business’ top simulator brands, retailers and teaching, fitting and entertainment companies.


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