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Ace Indoor Golf And Gimme Simulators Websites Combined for Better Customer Experience.

Ace Indoor Golf, founded in 2013, is one of the largest golf simulator manufacturers, resellers, designers, and installers, and they just launched a new website. The website combines the company's e-commerce subsidiary,, into In combining the websites, gets a new look, new products and updated functionalities.

Jay Hubbard, Ace Indoor Golf's Marketing and E-commerce Director, stated, "The combination of the two sites will minimize customer confusion, improve internal efficiency, and ultimately increase organic search traffic. Launching the new website will help Ace start a new chapter, maximizing opportunities in e-commerce while building on our core golf simulator design and installation business."

The new Ace Indoor Golf website delivers a striking design, departing from the and of old. The design concept is built around large side-to-side, colorful golf simulator photos showcasing Ace's design and product offerings. The new site features a home golf simulator, a commercial golf simulator, and event rental photo galleries that provide exciting design ideas.

According to Hubbard, "Our residential and commercial customers can expect an improved user experience with the launch of the new website. The website's improved speed and reliability, along with our new financing partner, Affirm, will improve the purchasing experience significantly."

The combination of consumer demand, affordability, and technological improvements has made simulator golf more popular. If you are looking to install a residential or commercial golf simulator, Ace Indoor Golf offers a variety of options and brands to accommodate every need. For more information, visit or call (888) 517-3398.