Medalist Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit

Medalist Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit

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The Medalist is the best golf simulator enclosure kit. Our pre-built indoor golf hitting bay is designed with safety and rigidity in mind. The Medalist measures 12' W x 8' 6" H x 5' D and includes HiQ screen, framing, carpet pads, mini pads, adhesive velcro, buckle cables, top lid, and side skins. Full Description
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The Best Golf Hitting Bay / Screen Enclosure On The Market

The Ace Indoor Golf Medalist is an ideal golf simulator enclosure for your home or office. The Medalist enclosure kit can be assembled DIY or by an Ace installer nationwide. The hitting bay is designed with safety and rigidity, measures 12’ Wide x 8’ 6” High x 5’ Deep to screen (6' total depth), and features a heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame.

Checkout Hacker's Paradise Review of the Medalist

"We have yet to find an enclosure that eats up the sound waves better than the Medalist."
Hackers Paradise, September 18, 2023

All of Ace’s enclosures, including the Medalist, feature the best, most durable impact screen on the market, the Ace HiQ. The two-piece screen system is designed to take the hardest hits and is manufactured, so the image fills up the entire screen in high definition. The front screen features a three-ply design that allows the ball to hit the screen with minimal bounce-back or puckering; it absorbs the sound of the impact and displays a bright, high-contrast image. Best of all, the screen materials are highly durable, taking up to 34,000 hits with hardly any stretching.

Ace builds craftsmanship into the webbing/edges of its screens using a high-quality, durable material that is double stitched and includes #4 grommets every 12” to eliminate tearing. The two screens are manufactured from Heat Set Fire Resistant Polyester and meet all FR ratings, so that they can go into any commercial environment. Last, the rear mesh screen is attached to the front HiQ impact screen using Velcro, allowing for easy replacement and tightening. The 2-piece HiQ system includes our popular frame pads—the top and side foam mini pads and carpet pads.

The Medalist enclosure kit includes:

Aluminum tube 1.5" frame
Ace HiQ front and rear screen
Frame pads: top & side foam mini-pads
Carpet pads
Adhesive Velcro
Turnbuckle cables for stability from corner to corner for stability
Top lid, and side skins

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Made to order:

This product is an "Enclosure Only" package. Our tagged kits are designed for residential delivery and will arrive within 2-3 weeks from order. To ensure compatibility with your desired launch monitor and room dimensions, please contact us at (855) 926-3283 or