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Save Up To $3,185 On Uneekor Monitors. Plus, Free Shield for XO & XO2

Uneekor Launch Monitors Black Friday & Holiday Sale

Uneekor Eye XO2 Save $3,185
Buy a Uneekor Eye XO2 (Save $3,010) and get a Free Ace Eye XO2 shield (A $175 Value). The Uneekor Eye XO 2 features three high-speed cameras to track ball and club data. It offers a hitting zone twice the size of the original EYE XO and includes a free Trouble Mat insert with hitting strips that mimic rough and bunker shots that better simulate real golf course conditions.
$10,990 On Sale / $14,175 SGR

Uneekor Eye XO Save $2,385
Buy a Uneekor Eye XO launch monitor (Save $2,210) and get a Free Ace Indoor Golf XO Shield (A $175 Value). The Uneekor EYE XO is an overhead golf simulator that features dual high-speed camera-technology that accurately captures data and includes non-marketing ball technology so you can hit any ball you choose.
$7,790 On Sale / $10,175 SGR

Uneekor QED Save $1,510
Buy a Uneekor QED launch monitor and save $1,510. Overhead launch monitor technology started with the Uneekor QED. This launch monitor features dual high-speed camera technology that produces precise data at a highly affordable price.
$5,490 On Sale / $7,000 SGR

Uneekor Eye Mini Save $1,010
Buy a Uneekor Eye Mini and save $1010. The MINI uses Eye XO technology and puts it in a portable golf launch monitor and simulator for indoor golf or outdoor use. It features two high-speed infrared cameras, which record over 3,000 frames per second. All the settings can be accessed on the monitor via push buttons or View software.
$3,490 On Sale / $4,500 SGR