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Save $5,000 on Sim-In-A-Box Eagle Plus with CPO GCQauad!


Foresight Sports offers a new Sim-In-A-Box package starting Tuesday, February 27. It is similar to the Sim-In-A-Box Eagle Plus but features a certified pre-owned GCQuad launch monitor instead. The new Sim-In-A Box Eagle Plus with CPO GCQuad will be available while supplies last or till the promotion ends on Sunday, March 3, 2024, at midnight. Best of all, buyers will save $5,000 of the regular retail price of $24,999.

The package includes everything you need from a DIY golf simulator kit, including a launch monitor, enclosure, screen, projector, gaming computer, computer stand, hitting mat, turf strip, and software. Additionally, there is an extra year of warranty for the CPO Quad, which extends coverage for a total of 2 years.

Please Note: All certified pre-owned GCQuads have been thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and tested. Limited quantities are available while supplies last, and all sales are final.