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Best Golf Simulators and Software for Commercial Golf Businesses

5-Iron Golf Indoor Golf Center

Indoor golf businesses are becoming increasingly popular as they allow golfers to practice and play in a controlled environment year-round. An indoor golf business's most important assets are its launch monitor and commercial golf simulator software. A good golf simulator will provide accurate, and realistic feedback and great software entertains and helps manage your customers.   

Ace Indoor Golf is a leading golf simulator manufacturer, retailer, designer, and installer in the U.S. The company has designed and installed custom commercial golf simulators for the industry's top companies, including PGA Tour SuperStore, 5-Iron Golf, Edwin Watts, Worldwide Golf Shops, Foresight, Uneekor, GolfTec, universities, golf instructors, consumers, and more. According to Ace, co-owner and founder Joe Neumeyer, when choosing a golf simulator for your indoor golf business, there are several factors to consider: 

  • Accuracy and realism: The most crucial factor is to choose a golf simulator that provides accurate and realistic feedback on ball flight, club path, and other swing metrics. This will allow golfers to track their progress and make necessary adjustments to their game.
  • Features: Golf simulators have various features, such as game modes, practice drills, and virtual courses. Consider which features will be most important to your target audience and choose a simulator accordingly.
  • Ease of use: The golf simulator should be easy for you and your customers. Ensure the controls are intuitive and the system is easy to set up and maintain.
  • Price: Golf simulators can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Choose a simulator that fits your budget and provides the features you need.
Uneekor EYE XO2

There are a lot of golf simulators that can provide golf course play, practice, and online gaming. Here are a few of the best golf simulators for indoor golf businesses:

  • Uneekor is a rapidly growing South Korean company with various ceiling-mounted camera-based simulators ideal for left- and right-handed golfers. Their simulators are known for their immersive graphics and realistic gameplay.
  • Foresight offers a variety of camera-based golf simulators for different budgets and needs. Its overhead GCHawk, floor-based GCQuad, and GC3 simulators are particularly popular among indoor golf businesses for their accuracy and reliability.
  • TruGolf delivers great simulators and the best golf business software application on the market: E6 Commercial. Its TruGolf Vista Series 8, 10, and 12 are durable overhead launch monitors that take advantage of their exceptional E6 Connect and Commercial indoor golf business software.

TruGolf's E6 Commercial Suite makes running your indoor golf facility more manageable. Says Neumeyer, "It offers simulator security, remote system monitory, a redesigned user interface, and several software solutions that make running an indoor golf business easier than ever." The new interface gives customers an easy-to-use experience, allowing users to log in with their phone number and start playing immediately. With E6 CONNECT golf simulator software, golfers of all skill levels can connect and compete in virtual golf leagues and events worldwide."

E6 Commercial includes the following commercial golf simulator software features:

  • Product Launcher – This innovative, easy-to-use TruGolf menu allows users to switch from E6 Connect or multi-sport games with a simple screen tap.
  • Simulator Security – TruGolf includes an extra layer of protection requiring an administrator password before exiting the software to ensure data protection.
  • Clubhouse Dashboard - The commercial suite includes a comprehensive player dashboard that provides meaningful customer metrics that help you run your business.
  • Member Messaging System – Stay connected to your customers through E6 Clubhouse via email messages. Remind your customers of upcoming events, league play results, and past successes, or invite them to your business for some friendly competition.
  • League Software – Make events and leagues effortlessly and publish them to your simulators through the E6 Commercial web portal. You can store data on league scores, manage handicaps for members, and get reports on usage across each simulator. The software captures simulator analytics, including popular playing times and modes of play, uptime vs. in-game uptime, number of shots taken, and more.


In addition to choosing the right golf simulator and business software, it is essential to have gaming and course-play software that is entertaining, accurate, and easy to use. This software will power the simulator and provide golfers with the features and game modes they need and want. Here are a few of the best golf simulator software platforms for indoor golf businesses:

  • E6 Connect provides a comprehensive golf simulator software platform that offers a variety of features, including over 200 virtual courses, practice drills, and multiplayer games.
  • TGC 2023 is another popular golf simulator software platform. It offers a variety of features, including over 100,000 virtual courses, practice drills, and multiplayer games.
  • GSPro golf simulation software is known for its realistic graphics and gameplay. It is also popular among indoor golf businesses because it is highly customizable. There are over 300 courses available.

Ace Enterprise Commercial Golf Simulator Enclosure

Last, pay attention to the importance of a safe and durable golf enclosure and impact screen when setting up an indoor golf business. The industry favorite is the Ace Indoor Golf Enterprise enclosure and its 2-Piece HIQ Screen System. The Medalist is a premium golf simulator enclosure perfect for home and commercial use. It features a heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame designed to withstand regular use's rigors. The enclosure also includes the Ace HiQ impact screen, which consists of a front screen that Velcros onto a rear screen for easy tightening so your customers are always viewing a great image. The Enterprise also includes protective frame pads, gap pads, and a shock cord and pocket that minimize bounce back. Best of all, the it muffles the impact sound making it easier for your customers and servers to have conversations.

Indoor golf businesses can be a fun and profitable venture. By choosing the proper golf simulator, software, and partners, you can help guarantee your new indoor golf business success and revenue year-round. For more information, click the Request a Quote button at the top of this page.