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Trust Ace for Ultra-Premium HiQTM Golf Simulator Screens.

The market for impact screens in golf simulators is growing rapidly. These screens must show a clear image of the simulated fairway while being durable enough to withstand thousands of impacts over time. The fabric quality used to create the screen is essential to its performance. Today, impact screens need to be smooth and light to maintain a clear high-definition projection image, but they also need to absorb the impact of golf balls traveling at high speeds without damage or tearing. 

One leader in the ultra-premium golf screen market is Ace Indoor Golf. Located in Toledo, Ohio, their screens are made from polyester mesh, a powerful synthetic resin often used to create fibers for industrial textiles. The mesh is an excellent choice for impact screens because it is durable, lightweight, and can absorb the impact of golf balls without damage.

Ace HIQ Screen Three-ply screen cutaway

Ace Indoor Golf’s HiQTM screen is the best, most durable screen on the market, says Joe Nuemeyer, co-owner of Ace Indoor Golf. The screens are designed to take the hardest hits and are manufactured so the image fills up the entire screen in high definition. Most screens are single-ply fabric that scars easily and wears out quickly. HiQ screens feature a three-ply polyester design that allows the ball to hit the screen with minimal bounce-back or puckering; they absorb the sound of the impact and display a bright, high-contrast image. Best of all, the screen materials are highly durable, taking up to 34,000 hits with hardly any stretching. Plus, HiQ can handle the fastest ball speeds in over 200+ mph.

HiQ screens are manufactured from Heat Set Fire Resistant Polyester and meet all FR ratings so that they can go into any commercial environment. Ace builds craftsmanship into the webbing/edges of its screens using a thicker, higher quality, more durable material than you see on other screens.

Golf Simulator Screen (Ultra Premium)

Delivering the highest quality, Ace Indoor Golf double-stitches the webbing on its screens and uses #4 grommets every 12 inches. Using #4 grommets allows the bungee cables and string ties to be looped through the grommet so the hooks can connect to the frame instead of the screen, minimizing impact and rebound and increasing longevity and durability.

Ace HiQ golf impact screens feature a bottom pocket and an elastic shock cord that connects to either side of the frame on the floor, threads through the pocket, and snaps taught to help eliminate ricochet.

Starting at $564, Ace HiQ Screens are a gimme. Trust Ace Indoor Golf for all your needs when looking for golf simulator screens and enclosures.