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The Medalist Enclosure - Golf Sim Bliss

Ace Medalist Enclosure

Hackers Paradise Article on the Ace Medalist Enclosure

"When setting up the latest THP Tech Studio where we do our equipment testing, the Medalist was chosen for a number of reasons, but two stuck out to us that were game changing. First, if you saw our previous office setup that was featured in most of our content, it was very permanent. When we moved office spaces, taking that down meant repairing ceilings and floors. The Medalist enclosure is much easier than you can imagine to setup and take down. While we wouldn’t call it a temporary setup someone could throw up for some shots in the garage in minutes and then take down later that day and drive the car in, it’s not far off. The second being the screen, which we will dive deeper into shortly. In an office setting or home where people do not want to hear the constant banging of golf balls, we have yet to find an enclosure or screen that eats up the sound waves better than the Medalist."

Checkout the full Hacker's Paradise review of the Medalist enclosure.

"We have yet to find an enclosure that eats up the sound waves better than the Medalist."
Hackers Paradise, September 18, 2023