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Learn how to set up a golf simulator and avoid the pittfalls!

5-Iron Golf Custom Golf Simulator Installation

Are you interested in setting up a commercial or home golf simulator? AmateurGolf.com Senior Equipment Editor Todd Mrowice will host a Golf Simulator webinar with Ace Indoor Golf's co-owner Joe Neumeyer and president Trevor Faust. The free presentation and Q&A will occur on September 11 at 7 p.m. Eastern. Plus, you'll get special discounts towards your future golf simulator purchase just by attending. 

Golf simulator webinar topics that will be discussed discuss include:

  • What simulators are best for practice, game improvement, and entertainment
  • How to tighten an impact screen
  • How to pad an enclosure frame
  • How to fill gaps between the screen and the enclosure
  • How to keep the hitting mat from sliding
  • How best hang a screen
  • What projector to choose and how to mount it

Golf Simulator Setup Webinar Recording

Golf Simulator Webinar Panelist Include:

Host - Todd Mrowice, Senior Equipment Writer for AmateurGolf.com
Todd has over ten years of experience as an editor and golf equipment writer in his current role and at Golf Chicago Magazine. He is highly knowledgeable about golf equipment and simulators. AmateurGolf.com is the #1 resource for competitive amateur golfers serious about taking their game to the next level at their club championship or the US Amateur.

Panelist - Joe Neumeyer, Co-Owner of Ace Indoor Golf
Joe has been in the golf simulator industry for more than 17 years and is the founder of Ace Indoor Golf and previously served as the director of operations for aboutGolf. His expertise in sim technology, products, and installation is unrivaled.

Panelist - Trevor Faust, President, Ace Indoor Golf
Trevor has over 17 years of experience in the golf simulator space, serving in various leadership roles with Ace Indoor Golf, Trackman, Mobile Golf Experience, aboutGolf, and Total Golf Exposure.

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Ace Indoor Golf is unsurpassed in the golf industry when it comes to building, designing, and installing golf simulator hardware and technology. The company offers expert turnkey sales and service solutions for consumers or businesses looking to create the ultimate indoor golf experience. Ace brings its clients over two decades of simulator builds and installation expertise, and the company founders have installed 1,000s of simulators in commercial and residential markets. By representing multiple manufacturers, Ace Indoor Golf can customize products to meet customers' needs.