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2018. . . On Top Of Our Game

Yes, it’s been a while since we’ve posted to our blog page. But it’s not been for lack of desire or content – in fact, quite the opposite! Ace Indoor Golf has never been busier. Since the beginning of the year, between event rentals and sales, we’ve been crazy busy. Believe me, we’re not complaining but we thought summer was a time for relaxing and vacation, read a good book, maybe binge-watch some Netflix shows. . . not this year! (I guess season two of “Master of None” will just have to wait. . .)

We started out 2018 in the best of all possible ways – at the house that Jay-Z built (actually, he had nothing to do with construction, but for some reason, his name keeps being put in the mix) and home of the New York Islanders and Brooklyn Nets – the number one indoor sports/concert venue in America – Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.  This one started out as a mystery.  We were asked to just show up with a simulator on a certain day in February, but we were not to know what the event was. . . We figured, “okay, we’ll bite”.  As it happened, Corona was launching their first new beer in 29 years (“Premium” – now available to the general public), and they wanted Ace Indoor Golf to be part of the fun for attendees. Everyone had a blast and we’re still getting compliments on our simulator and team of installers (we’re also still drinking the complimentary beers they gave us!).  Thank you Barclays (and better luck next year, Nets!).

We followed that up by entertaining at a monster party in Phoenix, Arizona with one of America’s largest banks, which they threw as a thank you to their employees for a great year. A hotel ballroom was rented out and theme rooms were created – one of which was a sports room! For that room, the event planner asked for 3 of our golf simulator AND our stand alone hunting sim. It was a long day’s journey into night for our Ace employees as the event went into the wee hours (after a day-long installation), but the 1500 partiers had a GREAT time and were thrilled to have had a chance to compete against each other in a “Closest to the Pin” contest. It was one of those cases where we had as much fun as the party-goers!

Also in February, we actually had two events on the same day! One in Indianapolis, Indiana and the other in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Ironically enough, they were BOTH open houses for companies cutting the ribbons on new buildings! But the folks who came to the events had our Ace teams hopping all day long! We’re not complaining – we had a BALL!

Two more unusual ones for us – The first was via a student at Bard College in New York promoting his new golf club (a student association, not something with which you hit a golf ball); and a home remodeling company in Chester, PA seeking to get more people to one of their home viewings. Both groups raved about our simulators and personnel!

Finally, on the trade show side of things. . .we attended the 4 day long Association of Luxury Seat Directors in Atlanta in June. We exhibited at the event which featured over 13,000 trade show attendees from the world of sports. Highlights included a “Closest to the Pin” contest, won by a team representing the Sacramento Kings front office, and tours of both the new Mercedes-Benz stadium (home of the Falcons) and SunTrust Park, home of the Braves. We made lots of new friends and impressed everyone with our amazingly accurate golf technology!

In addition, our simulator sales have been going through the roof this year (more on that in a separate posting)! Indoor Golf centers, home owners, golf courses, and many more. . . are seeing the advantage of having a golf simulator from Ace for business, education and pleasure!

And, believe it or not, this has just been the tip of the iceberg! Indeed, so far 2018 has been an exciting one for Ace Indoor Golf. With our presence at the 4-day LPGA Marathon Golf Classic (more on that to come), and the pre-tourney party on the shores of the beautiful Maumee River in Toledo, OH in July; and much more scheduled after that – including our third go-round at The World Poker Tour in NY, and a huge block party with the Chicago Bears in September!) – the year looks like it will be a record-setter for Ace Indoor Golf!