Truestrike Golf Single Hitting Mat

Truestrike Golf Single Hitting Mat

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Designed with golf professionals and driving ranges in mind, the TrueStrike™ Single Mat features a realistic strike surface that can also be utilized at home if you have the space. With the ability to create a personal golf practice setup in your garage or even inlay the mat into your home's putting green, this product is versatile. The TrueStrike™ mat provides an advantage by allowing for shots that replicate those played on the fairway which ultimately improves your game. The package includes:

  • A Gel section
  • Three Range Mat sections
  • Aa Ball tray
  • Edge trim
  • 25 TrueTees (Short and Long)
  • Tee holder

Don't experience the frustration of perfecting your swing on the range only to have it fall apart on the course, choose the TrueStrike™ Single Mat.

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