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New Uneekor Subscription Model & Pricing

 New Uneekor Pricing And Subscription Plan.

Uneekor Eye XO2 New Pricing And Features

As of March 8, Uneekor software sales transitioned to a subscription model with various tiers that will initially resemble the Uneekor Eye Mini subscription plan. Uneekor owners should anticipate that as the company introduces new features to the Uneekor product suite, subscription tiers will evolve to incorporate coming applications like AI Trainer, Game Day, and G Vision.
With the implementation of this new subscription model, Uneekor aims to make its top-selling overhead launch monitors more accessible to customers.
According to the company, this move enhances affordability and solidifies Uneekor’s position in the marketplace as the premier choice for golfers.
For Uneekor customers who have purchased between February 8 and March 7, they will maintain their current View software (with third-party connector) and are not subject to new software subscription packages, such as the AI AI Trainer referenced above. However, this does not guarantee the customer full access to any future software features without a new subscription package. Uneekor Refine and Refine+ remain in the product lineup.
In addition to the software change, Uneekor announced some price drops. The Eye XO2 dropped from $14,000 to $13,000. Plus, it now includes the Uneekor Performance Optix Package (Swing Optix and Balance Optix) FREE of charge. The Eye XO was $10,000, now $8,000, and the QED price dropped from $7,000 to $6,000. 
Customers who have purchased one of the above full-price launch monitors between February 8 and March 7, 2024) are eligible to receive the following:

Eye XO2 @ $14,000 - Uneekor will provide a Free Performance Optix package
Eye XO @ $10,000 - Uneekor will provide Free Balance Optix or a Refine+ license
QED @ $7,000 - Uneekor will provide two dozen marked balls or a Refine software license

To get your price adjustment, contact Uneekor at and provide your Name, shipping address, purchase date, original purchase receipt, and unit serial number to receive a rebate.