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Collection: Get a GC2 and Get a HiQ Screen

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Golf Simulator Screen HiQ™ Brand
From $567.00
Golf Simulator Screen Offers Ultra-Premium Quality and Durability. Our HiQ™ golf simulator screen consists of a multi-layer, impact resistant poly...
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"I had a wonderful experience with Ace Indoor Golf. They made my dream a reality and couldn’t be more excited with design and space we came up with. Everyone was great to work with and very quick to respond with my questions. The install team was also great as they were clean and efficient. I would recommend Ace Indoor Golf for any and all golf simulator projects. Thank you!”

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Patrick Hall 3/17/2023

It's a good company with great quality of product, The
installers are super friendly with great customer service all around my best
choice for my family.

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Xavion “sgt- johnson139” Johnson 2/18/2024

5 Stars

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Jesse Becker 2/18/2023