Make Your Practice Sessions More Beneficial

Are you tired of golf mats that perform unrealistically? Are you looking for a more beneficial practicing solution? If so, TrueStrike may be the answer you’re looking for. TrueStrike mats have the distinction of playing and reacting like a real green, utilizing their patented “fairway forgiveness” effect to simulate a truly realistic golfing experience. The more true to life your practice sessions are the more applicable they will be to an actual game, meaning that you can improve your golfing ability at a significantly quicker rate, and maintain the skill you already have more effectively, with a TrueStrike mat.

A New and Better Way to Hone Your Game

Every TrueStrike mat is carefully crafted to react just like real turf. The top layer, known as the strike area, simulates the feel of grass almost perfectly while the bottom layer contains gel which accurately disperses the vibrations from your swing. Together they form a remarkably accurate replication of a real green, providing you with a very accurate idea of how your swing would have played out during an actual game.

Practice Longer and Safer With TrueStrike

Most golf mats don’t feel anything like an actual green, but their rigidity has another downside. Use one too much and you can develop a host of serious health problems, even long term difficulties like lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. TrueStrike’s design doesn’t only just add a great deal of realism; it also significantly minimizes the chances that one of these issues will afflict you. The realistic strike surface and gel sub base present in every TrueStrike mat work together to minimize wear and tear on your body. Rather than traveling up the club and into your arm as they would with a normal mat, the shocks and vibrations caused by your swing are realistically dispersed throughout the gel, better approximating how real turf would react to your swing while minimizing personal damage.

TrueStrike TS302-MK7 Single

This TrueStrike™ is aimed primarily at golf professionals and driving ranges but if you have the space it’s also great at home too. Hitting off a TrueStrike rather than ordinary mats means the “fairway forgiveness” effect will actually help to improve your game by replicating shots you would play on the fairway. So gone are the days when you feel you swing and hit perfectly at the range only to find it all goes to pieces out on the golf course.


Width: 77 inches Length: 52 inches
  1956 mm   1321 mm
Height: 2 inches Weight: 112 pounds
  46 mm   51 kg


Normally ships: Next Working Day


$695.00 USD

TrueStrike TS305-MK7 Academy

This TrueStrike™ ideal for Simulator applications that require a center hitting position. It is also designed for golf professionals, coaches and driving ranges where an academy application is required. It's the best investment for group coaching and is designed especially with all levels of golfer in mind.


  • 1 x Gel Section (Gel Bag, Strike Surface and Strike Surround)
  • 4 x Range Mat Section
  • 2 x Edge Trim
  • 25 x TrueTees Short
  • 25 x TrueTees Long


Width: 80 inches Length: 52 inches
  2032 mm   1321 mm
Height: 2 inches Weight: 134 pounds
  46 mm   61 kg


Normally ships: Next Working Day


$799.00 USD

TrueTee Auto Tee Up Machine

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